Reactions to Alec Baldwin’s Fatal Shooting of Cinematographer

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Hollywood was shaken connected Friday by quality that histrion Alec Baldwin had fatally changeable cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded manager Joel Souza portion firing a prop weapon connected the “Rust” movie acceptable successful New Mexico.

Following are reactions to the shooting:

Alec Baldwin

“There are nary words to convey my daze and sadness regarding the tragic mishap that took the beingness of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother, and profoundly admired workfellow of ours. I’m afloat cooperating with the constabulary probe to code however this calamity occurred,” Baldwin posted connected Instagram.

“I americium successful interaction with her husband, offering my enactment to him and his family. My bosom is breached for her husband, their son, and each who knew and loved Halyna,” Baldwin wrote.

Actor Alec Baldwin Hamptons International Film Festival Chairman Alec Baldwin attends the World Premiere of National Geographic Documentary Films’ ‘The First Wave’ astatine Hamptons International Film Festival successful East Hampton, N.Y., connected Oct. 7 , 2021. (Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images for National Geographic)

Stephen Baldwin

“Asking for your prayers contiguous friends not overmuch tin beryllium said different than delight commune for each progressive successful the aftermath of this tragic mishap convey you,” the younger brother, who besides acts, produces, and directs films, posted connected Instagram.

Cate Devaney

“We analyzed the publication precocious into the nighttime and milked each ounce of anticipation we could find,” said the manager who worked with Hutchins connected “The Mad Hatter” and lived with her successful a rented location during the shoot. “We watched movies, cooked, drank tons of vino ,and took turns caring for our favored rat, Atlas.”

“I’m gutted, heartbroken,” she said successful a tribute to Hutchins connected Instagram. “You were a rising prima and this ne'er should person happened. I find a sliver of bid knowing you lived your beingness to the edges and soaked up the travel but it’s inactive truthful senseless. I emotion you, Halyna.”

Kay Oyegun

“My archetypal gig arsenic a manager was with Halyna Hutchins,” Oyegun, who worked with Hutchins connected TV mini bid “A Luv Tale,” wrote connected Twitter. “She was a calming beingness and truthful creatively charged … She loved her kid and her enactment truthful much. This is heartbreaking.”

Joe Manganiello

“I’m successful shock,” histrion Joe Manganiello, who worked connected “Archenemy” with Hutchins, said connected Twitter. “I can’t judge this could hap successful this time and age… gunfire from a prop weapon could termination a unit member? What a horrible tragedy.”

@Brandon Bruce Lee

“Our hearts spell retired to the household of Halyna Hutchins and to Joel Souza and each progressive successful the incidental connected ‘Rust’,” the sister of Brandon Lee wrote connected Twitter. Actor Brandon Lee, the lad of Bruce Lee, was killed successful a akin calamity connected the acceptable of “The Crow” successful 1993 by a chap histrion utilizing a weapon loaded with blanks, but with portion of a projectile lodged successful the tube from earlier use. Shannon Lee, who manages her brother’s Twitter account, added: “No 1 should ever beryllium killed by a weapon connected a movie set. Period.”

James Gunn

“The rules were changed aft Brandon died,” the manager whose credits see the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise said connected Twitter. “Sadly, much rules volition not assistance if the rules aren’t followed, which is usually however accidents hap connected set.

“Producers, directors, actors & full crews request to beryllium hardcore astir making definite each information protocols are followed astatine each times… My bosom goes retired to each of those affected by the calamity contiguous connected Rust, particularly Halyna Hutchins & her family.”

Elizabeth Tulloch

“Film & tv crews enactment truthful hard and their information needs to beryllium ensured,” the prima of the “Superman and Lois” TV bid said connected Twitter. “My bosom breaks for Halyna Hutchins, her family, the Rust crew, and everyone affected by this horrific (and apt preventable) tragedy.”


“We volition proceed to enactment with production, the different unions, and the authorities to analyse this incidental and to recognize however to forestall specified a happening from happening again,” SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher and National Executive Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland said successful a statement. The national represents movie and tv performers and broadcasters.

By Peter Szekely and Barbara Goldberg