Read the search warrant: New details revealed in ‘Rust’ shooting investigation

2 months ago 45

A caller hunt warrant filed Wednesday reveals caller details successful the probe into the deadly shooting connected the “Rust” movie set:

  • David Halls, the adjunct manager who handed Alec Baldwin the prop weapon that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, admitted that helium “should person checked” each of the rounds wrong the tube — and the production’s armorer whitethorn person neglected a cardinal information protocol earlier the fatal shooting.
  • Halls said helium picked up the weapon and brought it implicit to the production’s armorer, Hannah Gutierrez, to beryllium checked earlier resuming rehearsal the time of the fatal incidental — and helium lone recalled seeing 3 rounds successful the chamber.
  • Authorities were granted the warrant to hunt a “prop vehicle,” wherever firearms were allegedly stored connected the production. According to the hunt warrant, erstwhile the unit broke for luncheon the time of the shooting, the firearms were secured successful the prop truck.

Read the afloat document, filed successful Santa Fe County Magistrate Court, below.