Recent Wave of Targeted Killings Aims to Disrupt Kashmir’s Integration With India

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NEW DELHI—Eleven civilians person mislaid their lives successful a caller question of targeted killings successful the Indian national territory of Jammu and Kashmir since Oct. 5, causing the Indian medication and subject to spell connected precocious alert successful a portion that shares a borderline with Pakistan.

The targeted killings of 7 unsuspecting individuals from the Hindu number assemblage and 4 of the bulk Muslim assemblage see radical from wrong Kashmir and besides 5 migrant workers from different parts of India. They were carried retired by young men, including first-time shooters successful mostly a hit-and-run style.

Experts said the caller question of killings is suspected to beryllium the enactment of a caller section militant radical called The Resistance Front (TRF), which is backed by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). It is said to beryllium unsocial successful respective ways and is aimed astatine creating a communicative warfare supporting further unrest, violence, and alienation and astatine starring to Muslim exclusivity for the region.

LeT is simply a Pakistan-based, Kashmir-focused outfit designated arsenic terrorists by the UN Security Council and respective countries including the United States, Australia, India, Canada, and the United Kingdom. According to the accusation classified by the Australian Government, LeT earlier collaborated with the Haqqani Network, a Pakistan-based militant radical associated with the Taliban.

Experts said successful a geopolitically volatile portion similar Kashmir, the targeted killings volition guarantee that the cookware keeps boiling and that nary solution is imaginable for the Kashmir occupation that utilizes a large chunk of India’s defence budget. India and Pakistan person fought 4 wars implicit Kashmir since 1947.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State of Khorasan, an Afghan affiliate of the panic radical Islamic State, successful the 21st variation of its India mouthpiece “Voice of Hind” has warned of much attacks midst the targeted killings, according to India Today. Indian authorities person moved thousands of migrant workers to safer locations, and hundreds person fled the picturesque vale owed to terror, according to Reuters.

Immediately preceding the killings, Pakistan had brought up the Kashmir contented astatine the UN General Assembly connected Sept. 24, criticizing India’s effort for a “final solution” for Kashmir.

By “final solution,” Prime Minister Imran Khan was hitting astatine India’s 2019 law determination that led to India dividing the portion into 2 federally governed territories oregon Union Territories  (UT): The UT of Jammu and Kashmir connected the borderline with Pakistan and the UT of Ladakh on the borderline with Pakistan’s ally, China.

Khan’s comments led to a diplomatic warfare of words betwixt the 2 nations.  India exercised its close of reply connected the adjacent day and said Pakistan has the “largest fig of terrorists proscribed by the UN Security Council.” This was followed by Pakistan again taking its crook to lambast India connected the Kashmir issue.

More precocious astatine the UN General Assembly’s Special Political and Decolonization (Fourth) Committee connected Oct. 20, Pakistan termed India’s regularisation implicit Kashmir arsenic the “worst manifestation of colonialism,” aft which some the countries again had a verbal duel.

Epoch Times Photo Wife (2R) of Makhan Lal Bindroo, a pandit businessman and proprietor of a pharmacy, mourns astir his assemblage aft terrorists killed 3 civilians successful abstracted thoroughfare shootings a time before, astatine a cremation crushed successful Srinagar connected Oct. 6, 2021. (Tauseef Mustafa/AFP via Getty Images)

The Uniqueness of the Killings

Vicky Nanjappa, an Indian writer who specializes successful interior security said the boys carrying retired the caller killings are dissimilar terrorists earlier operating successful the region, who were hard-core militants and were profiled by the administration. Each of the 11 killings was done by antithetic people, and this has created caller challenges for Indian intelligence.

“In the lack of providing immoderate factual quality connected who the slayer precisely is, considering he’s committing an enactment of terror, you truly don’t person intelligence. And that seems to beryllium the caller strategy,” said Nanjappa. This is the reason, helium said, that Indian information unit person rounded up truthful galore violent sympathizers.

A week into the killings, the Indian medication arrested implicit 700 “terrorist sympathizers” according to the Indian broadcaster New Delhi Television.

“It’s gonna beryllium a agelong investigation. Where are the funds coming from? From wherever was the pistol procured? You request to physique up a case, and lone past get to the bottommost of it,” said Nanjappa.

This caller strategy is simply a caller intelligence attack to terrorism. Most of those who perpetrate specified acts are indoctrinated ideologically and are expected to travel backmost and perpetrate much specified acts. But with the caller targeted killings, this has changed, according to Nanjappa.

“If they’re not repeating these people, past it is intelligibly a payoff, it’s similar a deed occupation which they person asked them to do, with a circumstantial database successful their hands, and truthful on,” helium said.

Sunanda Vashisht, a governmental commentator from Kashmir’s number Hindu assemblage told The Epoch Times that the killings punctual her of the precocious 1980s erstwhile the minorities faced akin targeted killings, which led to their wide exodus.

“That’s however they would place them, they would enactment the deed lists everywhere, and past you knew; my ain uncle was connected a deed list,” said Houston-based Vashisht whose household had besides to fly the unit then. She testified earlier a U.S. Congressional proceeding connected Human Rights organized by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission successful Washington successful November 2020.

Vashisht highlighted the lawsuit of 2 teachers, a pistillate Sikh and a antheral Hindu whose individuality cards were checked portion a recon of the schoolhouse was done earlier they were killed astatine point-blank connected Oct. 7.

According to a 2008 study by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center,  the wide exodus aft 1989 included the displacement of 90 percent oregon 250,000 to 350,000 of Kashmiri Hindus, called the pandits, from Kashmir. Vashisht said the caller killings are aimed astatine threatening what she listed arsenic “808 families who had not gone back” then.

This representation volition torment maine forever. Virendra Paswan was successful Kashmir vale to gain an honorable living. Islamist Terrorists did not privation him successful Srinagar. Now his dormant assemblage besides could not permission Kashmir. His decease should not spell successful vain.

— Sunanda Vashisht (@sunandavashisht) October 8, 2021

Driving a Narrative

Vashisht said the militants privation to antagonistic the communicative of “normalcy” that the Indian authorities attempted to physique up aft the governmental reorganization of the state, which was intended to initiate improvement projects and invitation investment.

By sidesplitting the Kashmiri number radical they privation to endanger the larger number assemblage from returning, by sidesplitting Kashmiri Muslims, militants privation to endanger them from siding with India oregon moving with the Indian administration, and by sidesplitting migrant workers from different parts of India, they privation to springiness a connection to larger India of not settling successful Kashmir, she said.

“The communicative is you can’t bring immoderate benignant of alteration successful Kashmir,” she said, adding that the perpetrators don’t privation Kashmir’s integration with the remainder of India.

“They bash privation the Kashmir cookware to beryllium boiling. They bash privation to marque this a planetary issue. They bash privation to amusement the satellite that thing has been solved successful Kashmir. There tin beryllium nary businesses successful Kashmir; that from the mainland they can’t travel and articulation here,” said Vashisht.

Suneem Khan, a Kashmir-based columnist described the caller people killers arsenic “locally bred unit points” that are being activated and utilized to manufacture a tense minority-majority narration countrywide and instill fear, peculiarly among non-Kashmiris.

It’s besides to invitation “reprisal from the authorities successful presumption of stringent information measures.”

This would further propulsion the communicative among Indians of Kashmiris being “anti-India, anti-nationals, oregon anti-non-Muslims,” which Khan termed arsenic “dubbing the full colonisation arsenic theocratic oregon fascist.”

“This way, the region betwixt this portion and the radical of mainland India would widen more. And the cookware would support brewing much and much trouble. They volition person much recruitments—they volition beryllium much section recruitments,” said Khan.

“They won’t person to nonstop radical from crossed the border. Maybe they person to nonstop guides, possibly they person to nonstop much warlords, … to usher the Cabal of terrorism, but the ft soldiers they’ll get from the section ground,” helium said.

Aditya Gowdara Shivamurthy, an adept with Observer’s Research Foundation said in an investigation published connected Oct. 20 that the militants are trying to physique a communicative “pole-opposite” to the Indian medication due to the fact that the surrendered militants of LeT person appreciated the efforts of the Indian Army “in securing and normalizing” the concern successful Kashmir.

Shivamurthy was referring to the lawsuit of a 19-year-old Pakistani militant arrested connected the borderline by the Indian service precocious past period who went connected grounds saying that LeT was sending “young boys to Kashmir for equipped conflict by spreading misinformation astir Kashmir.”

Epoch Times Photo Workers transportation their belongings arsenic they instrumentality backmost to their autochthonal places astatine a autobus terminal successful Srinagar connected Oct. 19, 2021 days aft 2 laborers from India’s Bihar authorities were reportedly killed by terrorists. (Tauseef Mustafa/AFP via Getty Images)

Geo-politics Involved

Shivamurthy said the terrorists and their mentors done the caller targeted killings are moving connected a “more analyzable and dangerous” geopolitical plot.

“India successful a three-front war—two from Pakistan and China, and the different 2 halves from the Kashmiri secessionists and a hostile Afghanistan,” said Shivamurthy adding that the 1980s outbreak of militancy successful Kashmir is linked to Afghanistan’s Anti-Soviet Mujahideen epoch erstwhile Pakistan utilized assorted extremist organizations to enlistee fighters for the Kashmir cause.

By brushed targeting, infiltration, and sidesplitting minorities, the terrorists are inviting the “wrath” of the Indian state, helium said.

“This would destabilize the passive bid and maximize non-militant unit successful Kashmir. Thus, attracting the attraction and sympathy of extremist elements successful Afghanistan and making it hard for the Taliban to prolong their cautious policy,” said Shivamurthy adding that arsenic Afghanistan enters a caller large game, the terrorists and the Pakistani constitution volition effort their champion to entrap India into a three-front war.

The Taliban connected an earlier juncture said that Kashmir is simply a bilateral contented betwixt India and Pakistan portion connected a aboriginal juncture its spokesperson erstwhile mentioned that it has the close to rise the origin of each Muslims, including of Kashmir.

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