Reflections in Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya: Hossein Fatemi’s best phone picture

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The travel Hossein Fatemi made to Somalia successful 2011, connected duty for an Iranian organisation, marked a turning constituent successful his career. The New York-based photojournalist had covered galore superior situations, but what helium saw successful Mogadishu – “thousands of children dying successful godforsaken hospitals, without nutrient oregon water, without anything” – is something, helium says, that helium volition ne'er forget.

Fatemi returned to eastbound Africa the pursuing twelvemonth with a radical of Iranian photographers to absorption connected the lives of the refugees fleeing not lone the struggle but besides the drought and the flooding. He changeable lone connected his telephone due to the fact that it puts radical astatine ease. “Most of my colleagues would not hazard relying solely connected their phones,” helium says, “but it gave maine much flexibility and lent a much earthy consciousness to the images.”

In Nairobi’s Kibera neighbourhood, 6km from the metropolis centre, utmost upwind events are becoming much predominant and bringing heavier rainfall. Here, helium changeable Kenyan and Somali families: toddlers holding hands successful the shade; children stepping disconnected the schoolhouse bus; laundry drying overhead; and this set of friends, their dusty integrative sandals edging into a puddle of their ain reflections.

“The poorness truly shocked me, but the radical I saw were happy, they were friendly, they were sharing.” Before this project, helium says, helium thought of himself arsenic a photographer. Now, his quest is to observe however photography tin assistance the world’s children.