Registered Republicans in Florida Overtake Democrats in Historic ‘Milestone’: Gov. Desantis

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Republicans person acceptable a landmark by overtaking Democrats successful the elector registration contention for the archetypal clip successful the sunshine state’s history, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Friday astatine the National Conference of State Legislatures.

“When I got elected politician we had 280,000 much registered Democrats than Republicans successful the authorities of Florida,” DeSantis said. “Today, and it volition astir apt beryllium afloat publicized precise soon, for the archetypal clip successful the past of Florida we person overtaken Democrats. There are much registered Republicans successful Florida than Democrats.”

For galore years, Democrats person led with a important numerical vantage successful the confederate state. Back successful 2008, erstwhile then-President Barack Obama carried Florida, determination were 657,000 much registered Democrats than Republicans.

The authoritative elector registration vantage for Democrats was down to 263,000 successful 2018, and then, down to 134,000 successful 2020.

The fig has steadily gone down, chiefly owed to the GOP’s concern successful elector registrations with DeSantis reportedly pumping successful $2 cardinal past September. The 2020 elections were decisively won by erstwhile President Donald Trump by much than 3 percent points, thing which is considered a veritable landslide successful Florida.

Despite DeSantis’ announcement, the Florida Democratic Party said Friday that the Republicans were misinterpreting the numbers. According to Democrats, they inactive clasp an vantage of 79,429 voters, with 5,452,958 registered Democrats and 5,373,529 registered Republicans.

Official reports from the Florida Division of Elections successful August amusement Democrats holding a pb of astir 24,000 voters. The numbers from September are owed adjacent week, portion those from October are lone going to beryllium released successful December.

The governmental parties mostly transportation much up-to-date accusation with them regarding numbers from their ain probe and analysis, up from the region levels.

“According to our analysis, Republicans are fundamentally playing a ammunition crippled with the numbers,” Jose Parra, Florida Democrat Party spokesperson told Florida Politics. “This is not owed successful immoderate way, shape, oregon signifier to immoderate immense elector registration effort.”

DeSantis explained to the assemblage that Republicans from each implicit the state were moving to Florida to flight restrictions related to the pandemic, rises successful transgression and lawlessness, among different factors, which helium blamed connected Democrat leadership. He joked that the closely-contested New Jersey gubernatorial contention should person been won by Republicans if truthful galore hadn’t moved retired to Florida.

“Once these areas spell heavy bluish they get destroyed,” the politician said. “How galore places that are heavy bluish are good governed successful this country? Can you sanction maine some?”

“Tell maine wherever you tin find this occurrence communicative of ‘woke progressivism’ imposed connected a people,” DeSantis added. “I don’t spot it.”

Florida’s colonisation has been increasing astatine a dependable complaint of astir 1,000 per day, mostly done migration.

“The level of enthusiasm successful enactment of registering Republicans is unprecedented, and this is simply a existent milestone infinitesimal successful Florida’s history,” the Republican Party of Florida’s enforcement director, Helen Aguirre Ferré, said, according to Fox News.

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