Remorseful Marcus Maye hasn’t asked for trade as he returns for Jets

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Marcus Maye has had plentifulness of heartfelt conversations with the Jets implicit the past fewer weeks.

None, helium says, has progressive a commercialized request.

The prime information connected an expiring declaration playing for a 1-4 team, speaking publically for the archetypal clip since some his offseason arrest was revealed and since helium sustained an ankle injury, said helium has apologized individually to teammates and feels remorse for the DUI and car mishap for which helium is facing charges.

He did not pass the Jets astir the Feb. 22 apprehension until it became nationalist Oct. 4. In the ensuing days, helium talked with Robert Saleh — a speech helium did not grow upon, but 1 the caput manager said was appreciated. Maye said helium has talked with his teammates, too, to explicit remorse.

What helium has not done, helium said, is talked with the beforehand bureau astir his future. The Jets are not headed for the playoffs and alternatively are headed — for the 5th consecutive play since drafting Maye successful the 2nd circular — for a losing record.

They person not extended him and would beryllium amended disconnected acquiring assets alternatively than letting Maye locomotion aft the play — a sentiment seemingly shared by his agent, who signaled upon Maye’s ankle wounded that he would instrumentality successful clip for the commercialized deadline.

JetsMarcus MayeBill Kostroun

“[The Jets] cognize I privation to beryllium here,” Maye said Thursday aft a signifier successful which helium was a afloat participant. “They cognize I’m 100 percent with my guys and teammates and things similar that. So, I’m here.”

For now. There are plentifulness of reasons for the 28-year-old to beryllium determination other by the Nov. 2 deadline.

If the Jets did not deliberation capable of Maye to hold upon a declaration hold starring up to this season, being kept successful the acheronian astir his apprehension volition not assistance their trust. Maye acknowledged that the squad was blindsided by his precocious revelation, but said each parties person moved on.

“I don’t deliberation there’s immoderate spot contented from my end,” said Maye, who has missed 2 games but said helium volition beryllium acceptable to play Sunday against the Patriots astatine Gillette Stadium. “I consciousness similar they cognize I’m 100 percent with those guys each clip I measurement connected the field.”

It is imaginable the NFL, astatine immoderate point, volition not let him to measurement connected the tract arsenic helium whitethorn go taxable to league discipline.

The lawsuit is ongoing, and according to online tribunal records, the pistillate whose car Maye allegedly struck astir precocious motioned to amend her ailment connected Oct. 13, adding a assertion for punitive damages against Maye. The safety, according to the arresting constabulary serviceman successful Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was unaware that helium had struck different vehicle. The serviceman reported determination was vomit successful Maye’s car and said helium could odor intoxicant connected Maye’s breath.

“The concern happened,” said Maye, who declined to remark further. “Definitely consciousness atrocious for it. I learned from it.”

About six weeks aft the arrest, Maye was issued a citation successful Orlando for speeding and driving with a suspended license. The citation was dismissed successful August.

The Jets learned astir the DUI complaint against their seasoned information aft helium had sustained an ankle sprain during the Week 3 nonaccomplishment to the Broncos.

JetsMarcus MayeBill Kostroun

“Should beryllium backmost afloat steadfast conscionable earlier the commercialized deadline,” his agent, Erik Burkhardt, wrote connected Twitter aft the wounded was announced.

On Thursday, Maye said Burkhardt was speaking for himself — “I person nary power implicit his phone” — and portion helium was not effusive astir a emotion for the team, helium inactive said helium would similar to beryllium here.

Would helium invited a trade, though, to beryllium connected a contender for the archetypal clip successful his NFL career?

“That’s not up to me,” said Maye, who is not taking the way of his erstwhile information buddy Jamal Adams, whose commercialized petition was granted successful July 2020.

It is up to the Jets, who extended John Franklin-Myers this month successful deciding the young antiaircraft extremity was a portion of their future. They person not made the aforesaid benignant of committedness to Maye, and portion his banal whitethorn person dipped pursuing the quality of his arrest, determination inactive should beryllium a market. Perhaps the Colts, who this week mislaid information Julian Blackmon for the twelvemonth aft helium tore his Achilles, could beryllium a match.

For now, Maye volition beryllium acceptable to play for the archetypal clip successful 4 weeks.

“He not lone has the talent, helium has the speed, helium has the athleticism. He’s got each of that,” antiaircraft coordinator Jeff Ulbrich said. “But helium heightens everybody conscionable by his awareness, his connection skills.”

On-field skills that the Jets fig to spot astatine slightest for 1 much week.