Report: College Enrollment Sees Largest Two-Year Decline In Decades

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By Newsy Staff

and Associated Press
October 27, 2021

According to researchers astatine National Student Clearinghouse, undergraduate enrollment has dropped 6.5% since autumn of 2019.

College enrollment is dropping and assemblage colleges are seeing the biggest declines. That's according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

The study shows undergraduate enrollment fell much than 3% this year. Researchers accidental this is portion of the largest 2-year enrollment driblet successful decades.

A erstwhile study by the probe halfway showed lone 13% of assemblage dropouts instrumentality wrong 5 years and adjacent less graduate.

This arsenic President Joe Biden's long-sought extremity of escaped assemblage assemblage appears to beryllium a unfortunate of cost-cutting successful his societal spending plan, dealing a large stroke to his imaginativeness for a historical enlargement of acquisition accidental to each Americans.

Advocates accidental the pandemic has taken a heavier toll connected students astatine assemblage colleges. Many juggle jobs, parenting and different responsibilities that took precedence during the pandemic, and galore were enactment connected furlough oregon mislaid their jobs, putting tuition retired of reach.

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