Report: Elon Musk Proposes Going Ahead With Deal To Buy Twitter

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By Associated Press
October 4, 2022

The Tesla CEO has projected to travel done with a woody to bargain the societal media level for $54.20 per share, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.

Trading successful shares of Twitter was halted aft the banal spiked connected reports that Elon Musk would proceed with his $44 cardinal woody to bargain the company after months of ineligible battles.

For a 2nd time, Musk offered to bargain the San Francisco institution astatine $54.20. Twitter's banal jumped astir 13% to $47.93 earlier trading stopped connected the New York Stock Exchange, which listed “news pending” arsenic the crushed for the halt. Trading halts are however banal exchanges springiness investors a forced timeout erstwhile trading for a banal gets excessively chaotic, oregon erstwhile a institution is astir to connection market-moving news.

Bloomberg News reported Tuesday that Musk made the connection successful a missive to Twitter, according to radical acquainted with the lawsuit who were not identified.

Musk has been trying to backmost retired of the woody for respective months aft signing connected to bargain the societal media level successful April. Shareholders person already approved the sale, and ineligible experts accidental Musk faced a immense situation to support against a Twitter lawsuit, which was filed successful July.

Musk claimed that Twitter under-counted the fig of fake accounts connected its platform, and Twitter sued erstwhile Musk announced the woody was off.

Neither Twitter nor lawyers for Musk responded to messages seeking remark connected Tuesday.

The proceedings seeking to compel Musk to bargain Twitter is acceptable to commencement successful Delaware Chancery Court connected Oct. 17.

Musk’s statement for walking distant from the woody has mostly rested connected the allegation that Twitter misrepresented however it measures the magnitude of “spam bot” accounts that are useless to advertisers. But astir ineligible experts judge helium faced an uphill conflict successful convincing Chancellor Kathaleen St. Jude McCormick, the court’s caput judge, that thing changed since the April merger statement that justifies terminating the deal.

By going done with the deal, Musk fundamentally gave Twitter what it was seeking from the tribunal — “specific performance” of the declaration with Musk, meaning helium would person to spell done with the acquisition astatine the archetypal price. The declaration Musk signed besides has a $1 cardinal breakup fee.

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