Republicans continue to stymie Democrats on voting rights. Will anything change?

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Hello, and blessed Thursday,

No, it’s not deja vu: Senate Republicans erstwhile again utilized the filibuster connected Wednesday to stymie Democratic efforts to walk a important voting rights bill. It’s the 4th clip it’s happened this year, the astir caller coming conscionable 2 weeks ago.

But Democrats and different voting rights advocates anticipation that this clip is different.

They ne'er truly expected 10 Republicans to motion connected to the measure and beforehand it. Instead, they hoped to usage the ballot arsenic a last accidental to amusement the West Virginia legislator Joe Manchin and Arizona legislator Kyrsten Sinema, 2 of the staunchest filibuster defenders, that determination is nary anticipation of passing a voting rights measure portion the filibuster remains successful place.

It’s a improvement that importantly escalates unit connected Manchin specifically. The voting rights measure that Republicans blocked successful precocious October was 1 helium personally helped constitute and sought GOP input on. The measurement Republicans blocked connected Wednesday, which would person restored a captious proviso of the Voting Rights Act, is 1 helium supports. Manchin has said that “inaction is not an option” connected voting rights. But present Republicans person made it wide that portion the filibuster remains successful place, inaction is the lone option.

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So wherever bash things spell from here? To start, I deliberation we’ll statesman to spot a batch much explicit connection from Chuck Schumer, the bulk leader, astir changing the rules of the filibuster. While Schumer has repeatedly said “all options are connected the table” erstwhile it comes to voting rights, he’s stopped abbreviated of outlining circumstantial changes he’d similar to spot oregon calling retired Manchin and Sinema specifically. It’s lone precocious that Schumer has begun to speech astir the request “to reconstruct the Senate arsenic the world’s top deliberative body”. I expect we’ll besides spot immoderate accrued unit from the White House.

Schumer continued that rhetoric connected Wednesday aft the filibuster. He described it arsenic a “low, debased point” successful the past of the Senate, and questioned whether immoderate of Congress’s top legislative accomplishments would person been capable to flooded the filibuster if they had been projected successful today’s Senate.

Per a elder Dem aide, Schumer met with King, Kaine and Tester earlier contiguous to speech astir adjacent steps connected voting rights and to person "family discussions" with their colleagues astir however to "restore the Senate" and find a pathway guardant connected the legislation.

— Marianne LeVine (@marianne_levine) November 3, 2021

But volition this beryllium capable to sway Manchin and Sinema? I’ve written earlier astir wherefore I’m cautiously optimistic they volition travel astir connected voting rights. Manchin didn’t look to beryllium budging aft Wednesday’s vote.

“We’ve got Lisa Murkowski, we conscionable request 9 more,” Manchin said, according to Politico. “We request different radical to beryllium talking to each different and find a pathway forward. It can’t conscionable beryllium 1 oregon 2 radical talking to some sides.”

But arsenic Democrats get mired successful negotiations implicit the infrastructure bill, it whitethorn beryllium harder to unit their 2 holdouts. Biden said during a municipality hallway successful precocious October that it would beryllium hard to deal with the filibuster portion infrastructure negotiations were ongoing.

In immoderate case, the adjacent fewer weeks volition beryllium captious successful determining whether Democrats tin really support entree to the ballot box.

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