Research Shows Huge Spike in MND Risk Among Former International Players

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LONDON—A caller survey looking astatine the interaction of concussion connected a radical of erstwhile Scottish planetary rugby players has recovered that they were 15 times much apt to make centrifugal neurone illness (MND) than the wide population.

The fig is apt to nonstop daze waves done the sport, which is already embroiled successful a ineligible combat implicit the nexus betwixt concussion and aboriginal onset dementia and which is scrambling to find ways of reducing incidences of concussion successful matches and grooming astatine each levels.

In findings published successful the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry connected Tuesday, researchers recovered that the players radical had an astir 2 and a fractional times higher hazard of neurodegenerative illness than expected but that subordinate presumption had nary interaction connected risk.

The stand-out effect were the figures for MND, a information that has been brought into the rugby spotlight by the suffering of erstwhile Scotland fastener Doddie Weir and erstwhile Great Britain rugby league scrumhalf Rob Burrow.

Led by advisor neuropathologist Willie Stewart, Honorary Professor astatine the University of Glasgow, the FIELD probe squad compared wellness outcomes among 412 antheral erstwhile Scottish planetary rugby players and implicit 1,200 matched individuals from the wide population.

The survey is simply a continuation of probe made by the aforesaid enactment into neurodegenerative hazard among erstwhile nonrecreational footballers and players and besides recovered similarities with the NFL.

“This latest enactment demonstrates that hazard of neurodegenerative illness is not isolated to erstwhile footballers, but besides a interest for erstwhile rugby players,” Stewart told journalists.

“It provides further penetration into the relation betwixt interaction sports and neurodegenerative illness risk. Of peculiar interest are the information connected MND risk, which is adjacent higher than that for erstwhile footballers. This uncovering requires contiguous probe attraction to research the circumstantial relation betwixt rugby and the devastating information of MND.”

The findings travel against the backdrop of a radical of astir 200 erstwhile players taking ineligible enactment against World Rugby, the Rugby Football Union, and the Welsh Rugby Union.

The claimants, who see England’s 2003 World Cup-winning hooker Steve Thompson, reason the sport’s governing bodies were negligent successful that they were alert of the hazard but failed to instrumentality tenable enactment to support players from imperishable encephalon wounded and consequent early-onset dementia caused by repetitive blows to the head.

Thompson, who was diagnosed with aboriginal onset dementia successful 2020, volition stock his communicative successful a BBC documentary acceptable to aerial connected Wednesday successful Britain.

Speed UP Change

In caller years rugby has implemented changes to the tackle instrumentality and moved towards a simplification successful interaction grooming successful a bid to minimise caput impacts but Stewart urged much and quicker action.

“I deliberation rugby could beryllium speeding up this gait of change,” helium said. “I cognize it’s pugnacious to deliberation astir determination being little rugby than more, but possibly you spot amended prime rugby, the players are little damaged and fitter.

“Rugby has to deliberation astir it. You can’t proceed to enactment young men and women done what they’ve been enactment through, present we cognize that, adjacent from amateur era, determination is this hazard of degenerative encephalon disease.”

Brian Dickie, manager of probe improvement astatine the Motor Neurone Disease Association, said the findings added value to erstwhile reports connected accrued hazard successful shot players but said arsenic a “considerably smaller” study, determination were questions astir it.

“For example, it is not wide precisely however galore players were diagnosed with MND, though from the accusation provided, that implicit fig volition beryllium small,” helium said. “It is besides astonishing that determination were nary cases reported successful the larger power group, arsenic MND is the astir communal neurodegenerative illness of mid-life.

“Moreover, we cognize that the immense bulk of cases of MND impact a analyzable premix of familial and biology hazard factors, truthful the level of familial hazard whitethorn beryllium antithetic successful precocious show athletes compared with the wide population.

“What is wide is that this probe request to beryllium extended into overmuch larger populations, which volition necessitate adjacent collaboration betwixt researchers and rugby typical bodies crossed aggregate countries.”

By Mitch Phillips