Residents Set Up Memorial For Hurricane Ian Victims

3 months ago 21

The decease toll for hurricane Ian is present implicit 100. Some residents person present created a memorial for victims.

It’s been a week present since Hurricane Ian tore done choky knit communities passim parts of Florida.

Although Ian has present dissipated, we're learning the decease toll successful Florida unsocial is present implicit 100 people. Some of those lives mislaid person been memorialized astatine Centennial Park successful downtown Fort Myers.  

"Just looking astatine each the places you utilized to spell to, and they’re each gone. People are gone," said Gabrielle, a Cape Coral resident. 

Gabrielle  moved to Cape Coral 30 years ago. She got affectional talking astir her beloved community.  

"Just the devastation — all the places that we utilized to spell to are gone. They’re each gone — they’re determination retired determination successful the stream oregon the Gulf," said Gabrielle. 

Gabrielle wasn’t the lone 1 to teardrop up looking done the pictures astatine the wall. Kayla Silva, who lives successful Fort Myers, says she worked astatine a gym wherever 2 of the victims worked out. 

"For maine this is hard. I don’t personally cognize them but I cognize them capable to cognize they were bully people. There’s a batch of radical retired determination grieving close now. This is truly hard times for everyone," said Silva. 

Many present are hoping this is simply a erstwhile successful a beingness event.