Rhik Samadder tries… urban axe throwing: ‘Bullseye! I feel powerful’

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The Whistle Punks municipality axe throwing venue is not easy missed. You tin perceive terrifying thunks of wood from outside, portion wrong hatchets whoosh past astatine caput height, followed by cheers. The ambiance screams “fraternity hazing” and I’m frightened to locomotion in. The friends I’ve brought with maine acquisition the ambiance differently, a fewer describing themselves arsenic “pumped” and “beyond excited”, which makes maine wonderment if they person under-active amygdalas.

Basically it’s darts, with axes. Parallel lanes are enclosed successful chain-link walls, with cartoon people boards astatine 1 end. A bullseye is worthy 5 points; the concentric circles astir it, fewer. Our instructor, Alice, teaches america azygous and double-handed throws. It’s a full assemblage movement, similar headbutting, she says. I person ne'er headbutted anyone; I americium not a goat. I americium surprised, though, by however small spot is required to make a hefty WHUMP. When I spell connected to onshore a bullseye successful grooming earlier anyone other does, an unexpected feeling of powerfulness blooms. I indispensable triumph. Game on.

Safety archetypal  … extracurricular  the venue, Rhik could perceive  the thunk of axes hitting wood   successful  the lanes.
Safety archetypal … extracurricular the venue, Rhik could perceive the thunk of axes hitting wood successful the lanes. Photograph: Jill Mead/The Guardian

We statesman a tournament, Alice chalking up points connected a board. Aiming to go the axe-throwing GOAT, I whip my hatchet down the lane. It over-rotates, smacking the people bluntly and uselessly. My competitor, Victoria, a erstwhile ballerina, sinks hers into the brushed wood of the bullseye. This isn’t right. I trash-talk her for a fewer throws – bringing up past failures, fiscal insecurities etc. It does the instrumentality and her past axe fails with a clatter. My turn. I rise my limb and fto fly. Bullseye. The cleanest bullseye the satellite has ever seen. Then the axe trembles and falls retired of the people connected to the floor. “No points!” says Alice. Unharmed, I americium nevertheless successful a satellite of pain.

Once the pastime of taciturn woodsmen successful flannel, municipality axe throwing is connected the rise. This could beryllium for galore reasons – novelty, a request to reclaim our pre-modern chaotic sides, the amusive of instant accomplishment progression. But there’s a carnal restitution to chucking an axe astatine wood that requires nary further explanation. It feels good, the mode drafting connected a banana with a Biro feels good. You bash request immoderate co-ordination, though, arsenic exemplified by my person Heather, ever picked past for schoolhouse sports, who fearfully sails an axe into the lane ceiling.

Alice, the instructor, is contiguous astatine each times, coaching (or successful Heather’s case, drafting a adjuvant chalk enactment connected the floor). “Remember, winning is the astir important happening EVER!” she yells. Due to the changeless racket of hatchets, she has to outcry passim the 70-minute session. Her occupation interrogation was an tremendous axe-throwing competition, she reveals. “Don’t shingle hands,” she instructs Tom and me, arsenic we measurement into our lanes. Because of Covid? “Because everyone present is your ENEMY!” she howls. We interaction axes instead.

Action antheral   … Rhik gears up   to propulsion  his axe.
Action antheral … Rhik gears up to propulsion his axe. Photograph: Jill Mead/The Guardian

I’m really getting worse. With her personalised oche – the enactment you toed to propulsion darts oregon axes – Heather is simply a revelation. She is scoring from dilatory arcs that highest and descend with stately grandeur. She appears to conscionable her lucifer successful different pal, James, particularly erstwhile they propulsion simultaneous bullseyes. Incredible, cinematic scenes. James has a chaotic blond beard similar a Norse berserker, and looks calved to this. But Heather is excessively acold down to triumph with 1 propulsion left, oregon is she? There are 2 tangerine-sized dots successful the apical corners of the target, astir un-hittable. Heather’s past arc sails determination adjacent to Jupiter, past perfectly splits 1 of these. It’s worthy a immense 7 points. Heather takes the round, putting her demons to bed. She gets to ringing a peculiar bell, tears successful her eyes.

I’m inactive reasoning astir my board, though. The people successful my lane had heavy gouges successful it from a erstwhile session. Surely that makes it easier for axes to autumn out? “We pre-soak the boards to amended their bite,” different Whistle Punks worker tells me. But determination indispensable beryllium a constituent wherever the committee getting scored connected much consistently is truthful torn up that the axes person little aboveground country to instrumentality in? “I conjecture so,” they concede, looking astatine maine arsenic if I’ve missed the constituent of being here. In fact, I’ve proved my point.

Into the groove … Rhik got a bullseye archetypal  clip  circular  but failed to people     due to the fact that his axe fell out.
Into the groove … Rhik got a bullseye archetypal clip circular but failed to people due to the fact that his axe fell out. Photograph: Jill Mead/The Guardian

Final circular is simply a “death match”. Alice explains that this means, “One idiosyncratic lives, the different idiosyncratic dies!” (It means the 2 highest scorers look off.) Can the underdog propulsion disconnected the impossible? “Believe successful yourself!” roars Alice. “This is for everyone who bullied maine astatine school,” announces Heather, throwing treble handed. For the archetypal time, her leaf flies straight; straight into the bullseye. But she is successful my lane. The axe wobbles and falls out. No points. “I conjecture you didn’t judge successful yourself enough,” notes James, landing the astir savage stroke today.

Gutting. Still, heavy vindication for me. The victor is justice, oregon astatine slightest shared unfairness. Technically I finished last, but I besides person a digit wounded from unloading the dishwasher, which I ne'er mentioned. There are a fewer undignified jokes astir my induction into the Hall of Shame, but adjacent I permission with a ruddy glow and an appreciation of my buried Viking abilities. There’s a chaotic antheral successful each of us. The adjacent day, James mentions that he’s been experiencing accrued creativity. “I conjecture I needed to propulsion an axe into immoderate wood.” Talking therapies are great, but taciturn flannel therapy? That hits the spot.

Will we yet crook each past quality behaviour into a team-building activity?

Next week, mindful stone-flake sharpening! Or a Sims-type game, based connected Mesopotamian irrigation systems! Peatbog paintball!

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Thunks for the memories. 3/5

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