‘RHOBH’: Erika Jayne Reveals If She Was Unfaithful To Tom As She Details His Alleged Infidelities

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October 20, 2021 11:32PM EDT

Part 2 of the ‘RHOBH’ reunion besides revealed if Erika Jayne thinks her estranged husband, Tom Girardi, is blameworthy of ripping disconnected his clients.

Erika Jayne was forced to reply a batch of questions astir her matrimony to Tom Girardi during Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion connected Oct. 20. And it each started erstwhile Andy Cohen asked the “Pretty Mess” vocalist wherefore she didn’t permission her hubby arsenic soon arsenic she learned helium was cheating connected her, which is immoderate Erika claimed earlier this season.

“The cheating was a portion of it, there’s truthful overmuch much there,” Erika explained. “I said to Tom if you are successful emotion with idiosyncratic else, divorcement me. He said nothing. If you are successful emotion with idiosyncratic else, don’t marque maine a atrocious guy.”

Erika claimed Tom was unfaithful to her for “years”, but erstwhile asked if she was unfaithful to Tom, Erika said not until aft she filed for divorce. And erstwhile she was asked wherefore she didn’t permission Tom sooner, she said helium was successful implicit power of her finances.


“I gave each paycheck to my husband. I’ve handed each paycheck I’ve ever made over,” Erika said earlier further explaining that she didn’t enactment with Tom due to the fact that of wealth oregon security. Instead, she said she has “no access”. She told Andy, “You’re characterizing it for the money. I’m telling you I could not permission due to the fact that I had nary entree to the money.”

“I was 27 erstwhile I went in, helium was 60. The powerfulness equilibrium is mode retired of whack,” she added. “I trusted this man. All of my finances were kept down astatine the steadfast and everything was kept there.”

Andy, however, told Erika that she’s entitled to fractional of Tom’s assets, and could person near the narration earlier — earlier helium accrued immoderate debt. He past asked her if she knew there was liability erstwhile she near Tom, and she said, “I felt similar helium was sinking, not needfully the ship. There was nary talking to this idiosyncratic — trying to get him to reply my questions, being unopen retired completely. Anger, property changes. And you tin spot present — look the antheral is successful a home. He’s successful a memory-care facility. We person seen however disheveled and however perfectly horrible helium has deteriorated since I near successful November. So what I person been saying is true.”

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Erika went connected to assertion that Tom had astatine slightest 3 mistresses during their marriage, and she confronted Tom astir 2 of them. She past recovered retired astir the 3rd connected the time that she near him. “I went done his telephone and she had sent a representation of her t**s. He has a flip phone, truthful I responded ‘Nice t**s anserine bitch’,” she said. But contempt his alleged cheating Erika does judge Tom loved her “until helium changed”.

“I conjecture what everybody is fixated connected is whether oregon not helium ripped disconnected each these people,” Andy past said, referring to Tom being accused of stealing from crab patients, a pain unfortunate and the families of level clang victims.

Erika replied, “I truly and genuinely anticipation that is not existent due to the fact that that is not the antheral that I married. It does not look good. However, we inactive request to get to the bottommost of it.”

“I consciousness terrible,” she said of her sanction being associated with the allegations. “This is not who I am. And I anticipation this is not who helium is. I anticipation helium has not done what is alleged here. Whatever Tom Girardi did oregon did not do, that’s connected him. But I cognize a batch of his determination making is being pointed this mode now. His beingness is over. He’s successful his 80s, he’s successful a memory-care facility, his vocation is implicit and done. I conscionable turned 50. I cannot let each of this to destruct maine and instrumentality maine to a spot I cannot recover. I person to past this.”

Want much drama? Part 3 of the RHOBH reunion airs adjacent Wednesday, Oct. 27, astatine 8pm connected Bravo.