‘RHOBH’: Kyle Accuses Erika’s Publicist Of Leaking Info About Kathy’s ‘Meltdown’ To The Press

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 Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

 Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

 Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

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Kathy Hilton didn’t marque an quality during the Oct. 5 play finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle Richards said she was “out of town”, but erstwhile reports claimed she stopped filming with the ladies erstwhile quality astir her alleged “meltdown” successful Aspen leaked online. And that “leak” became the main absorption of the night, erstwhile everyone came unneurotic for immoderate benignant of gala involving diamonds astatine Kyle’s house.

#RHOBH Preview: Kyle leaps crossed Garcelle’s location to get her hands connected a container 😂 pic.twitter.com/lKkZ78CVOq

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During a erstwhile lawsuit astatine Garcelle Beauvais‘ house, Lisa tried bringing up the concern with Kathy again, but Kyle begged her to halt talking astir it. All Kyle wanted was to “move on” and person everyone — including the Hiltons — be her daughter, Farrah’s, wedding. So Lisa obliged, but the concern became a taxable of speech yet again astatine Kyle’s event, and Garcelle felt the attempted “takedown” of Kathy was a effect of Lisa and Erika Jayne wanting to instrumentality the attraction disconnected of Erika’s ineligible mess.

Twitter tonight:
Kyles a unspeakable sister she doesn’t ever support Kim & Kathy

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Spends each lawsuit defending Kathy.

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Kyle besides wasn’t blessed astir Kathy’s “meltdown” getting leaked to the press. So erstwhile Sutton Stracke heard that 1 of their co-stars mightiness beryllium down the leak, she asked Erika and Lisa if they were responsible. Lisa and Erika said they wouldn’t bash specified a thing, but Kyle interjected and said that Kathy hired a backstage investigator, who discovered that Erika’s publicist was the 1 who leaked each the details of their Aspen travel to the press.

What’s ironic, though, is that Erika claims she has the aforesaid publicist arsenic Kathy’s daughter, Nicky Hilton. So wherefore would her publicist privation to tarnish Kathy’s image? That’s what she asked the group, but Kyle said she was conscionable sharing what she had discovered — and she and Kathy allegedly had proof. Erika told Kyle to nonstop her what she “has”, truthful it’ll beryllium absorbing to spot if that ever happened erstwhile the reunion premieres adjacent week.

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