‘RHOM’s Adriana De Moura Reveals Why She Doesn’t Bring Up Kanye West Or The Kardashians On Season 5 (Exclusive)

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Adriana De Moura

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Don’t expect to perceive the names Kanye West or Kim Kardashian on the caller play of The Real Housewives of Miami. Adriana De Moura brought up Kanye’s penis and Kim’s erstwhile relationship with Larsa Pippen past season, but she said connected the latest occurrence of HollywoodLife‘s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast that she doesn’t bring them up connected season 5, which premieres December 8 connected Peacock.

“I nary longer notation Kanye West… oregon the documentation — immoderate helium has going for him,” Adriana, 57, EXCLUSIVELY told us. “I didn’t accidental thing astir that anymore. I kept my committedness that I did astatine the reunion, that I wasn’t going to bring up thing Kardashian related anymore.”

While Adriana and Larsa were bitter rivals successful season 4, due to the fact that Adriana kept bringing up Kanye and Kim, Adriana told america that their narration improves successful play 5. “We’re successful a amended place. Baby steps,” Adriana said. “But connected a linear affirmative trend, should I say.”

Adriana de MouraAdriana de Moura and Larsa Pippen astatine BravoCon 2022 (Photo: Bryan Bedder/Bravo)

Adriana teased much astir the “epic” play of RHOM that’s loaded with drama, including Lisa Hochstein’s divorce. “There’s truthful galore twists and turns and unexpected friendships that develop, and different friendships that crumble,” Adriana shared. “There’s things that we didn’t adjacent expect ourselves [that] amazed america arsenic a cast. I tin lone ideate however the fans volition feel.”

Adriana de MouraAdriana de Moura (Photo: Peacock)

Marysol Patton previously told HL that there’s “a bad split” betwixt the OGs successful play 5, truthful we asked Adriana astir what went down. “Yep, there’s immoderate OGS butting heads, and it was unexpected arsenic well,” she confirmed. “I unluckily find myself successful the mediate of it.”

“I don’t deliberation thing is excessively permanent,” Adriana added astir the infighting amongst the RHOM OGs. “I anticipation thing is permanent. We each person our ups and downs. It’s a earthy bushed of the friendships.”