‘RHONY’ Star Eboni K. Williams Reportedly Trying To Steal Sunny Hostin’s Seat On ‘The View’

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October 28, 2021 5:59PM EDT

According to a caller report, Eboni K. Williams wants to regenerate seasoned panelist Sunny Hostin connected ‘The View’ pursuing her impermanent big stint.

Eboni K. Williams has her eyes connected a imperishable spot connected The View. The Real Housewives of New York City star, 38, precocious filled successful for Meghan McCain pursuing her exit from the ABC speech amusement successful August. Following her two-day stint arsenic a impermanent panelist, Eboni reportedly wants a full-time spot astatine the array — but not Meghan’s seat, per se. According to Daily Mail, Eboni wants to regenerate veteran panelist Sunny Hostin — and the web and her interior ellipse are nary excessively pleased.

eboni k williams and sunny hostinSunny Hostin and impermanent panelist Eboni K. Williams connected ‘The View’ (ABC)

A root told the outlet that Eboni is “confident” that she would bring a much “modern” flare to The View table. “Eboni has openly told galore friends, including myself, that she feels she is simply a much modern, younger and hipper mentation of Sunny and that she has greater prima power,” the root said. “Eboni is conscionable a chameleon for immoderate occupation she is trying to get. She knows she can’t transportation the blimpish card, truthful present she has acceptable her sights connected Sunny.”

HollywoodLife has reached retired to The View and Eboni’s rep for comment, and volition update this accordingly erstwhile we perceive back. Another root maintained that “there is lone 1 vacant seat astatine this show, and it’s Meghan’s,” adding that Sunny, who joined the bid successful 2016, would simply not beryllium replaced. “Sunny is simply a precise fashionable host,” the root said. “She’s loved connected acceptable and she gets on with her co-hosts. She’s besides conscionable signed a agelong word woody with The View and Disney has fixed her a accumulation deal.”

eboni k williams connected  'the view'Guest panelist Eboni K. Williams and co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin connected ‘The View’ (ABC)

Eboni, for her part, denied the “patently false” allegations successful a connection issued to DM connected Thursday, Oct. 28. “It’s a precise unfortunate repetition of a bushed communicative that works overtime to pit accomplished Black women against each other,” she said.  “Sunny has been a mentor to maine since I started my vocation connected television. I lone person the astir fantastic things to accidental astir her.” The study comes aft Eboni told Entertainment Tonight that she was gunning for a full-time role.

“The goal, you know, similar immoderate different occupation audition, oregon interview, right?” she told the outlet successful an October 20 interview, calling it her “dream job.” Eboni continued, “Do good capable to beryllium invited back. So, that’s my prayer.” Eboni added that her Housewives position would beryllium overmuch appreciated. “I volition archer you, from wrong The View conversation, they would beryllium highly supportive of maine bringing my acquisition arsenic a Housewife. That’s a precise unsocial acquisition that is culturally relevant.”