Richard Sherman has ‘flashbacks’, blasts Broncos’ familiar decision

3 months ago 45

Richard Sherman had deja vu.

And not the bully kind.

The erstwhile NFL prima present serves arsenic an expert for Amazon Prime’s “Thursday Night Football” broadcast and did not instrumentality kindly to however the extremity of the Colts’ overtime triumph implicit the Broncos, and his ex-teammate Russell Wilson, unfolded.

“Flashbacks,” Sherman posted connected Twitter instantly aft the game.

Trailing 12-9 successful overtime, Wilson — who played and won a Super Bowl with Sherman portion with the Seahawks — had marched the Broncos each the mode down to the Colts’ five-yard line. Facing a fourth-and-one, caput manager Nathaniel Hackett and the Broncos opted to walk the ball, and Wilson’s walk promptly fell incomplete to manus Denver its 3rd nonaccomplishment of the season. The play, and circumstance, drew shades of different late-game, fourth-and-one miscue.

Wilson infamously threw an interception to Patriots cornerback Malcom Butler to seal New England’s 2015 Super Bowl triumph implicit the Seahawks. Similarly, Wilson was facing a game-deciding fourth-and-one heavy successful the opponents’ territory. In the aftermath of the decision, the Seahawks and Wilson were heavy scrutinized and ridiculed for choosing to walk alternatively of handing the shot disconnected the superstar moving backmost Marshawn Lynch.

With Sherman helplessly watching on the sidelines successful 2015, helium notoriously demonstrated his displeasure connected his face, an look of anticipation turned to disgust that has since go a fashionable meme.

Along with his “flashbacks” tweet, Sherman posted a gif of that reaction.

And though the Broncos don’t person a moving backmost of the aforesaid caliber arsenic Marshawn Lynch, Sherman shared a akin sentiment arsenic helium did 7 years ago.

“On the last play, you’ve got to tally the shot again,” Sherman said connected Amazon’s postgame broadcast, connected which he’s accompanied by erstwhile players Andrew Whitworth, Tony Gonzalez and Ryan Fitzpatrick and big Charissa Thompson. “I privation I had Marshawn up here. One yard, you request 1 yard. Run the ball. Run the ball! All helium has to bash is tally the football. Necessary criticism. You cognize I’ve said capable disapproval of [Nathaniel Hackett], but tally the dang ball. Like, larn from your mistakes.”

“I’m truthful confused, person you been successful this concern before?” Gonzalez playfully asked, seemingly referencing the Super Bowl incident.

Hackett has suffered done a unsmooth opening 5 games successful complaint of the Broncos, astir notably the team’s opening-week nonaccomplishment to the Seahawks and his determination to effort a 64-yard tract extremity rather than effort to performance a fourth-and-five. A week later, fans were sarcastically chanting retired the play timepiece amid the team’s play timepiece woes.

Despite the disapproval of Hackett’s decison to pass, the play should person worked. Broncos receiver KJ Hamler was wide unfastened to Wilson’s right, but Wilson ne'er saw him and alternatively threw a walk intended for Courtland Sutton.

“I could person walked in,” Hamler told reporters aft the game.