Ricki Lake rewears 1988 ‘Hairspray’ costume: ‘It changed my entire life’

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Ricki Lake hairspray Ricki Lake appeared connected "The View" connected Friday wherever she wore her aged "Hairspray" costume for Halloween. EVERETT COLLECTION

Tracy Turnblad is backmost to instrumentality Amber Von Tussle DOWN. Sort of.

Ricki Lake brought retired her 1 of her celebrated costumes from the 1988 John Waters philharmonic classic “Hairspray” during the Halloween-themed occurrence of “The View.”

During Friday’s amusement Lake, 53, rocked the look she wore during the Hefty Hideaway commercial country she changeable successful 1987.

The “Ricki Lake” speech amusement big wore a akin blond 1960s-era wig and the black-and-white swirly minidress from the film.

“This dress, you guys, has been successful a container for 34 years. This is my archetypal formal that I model, I deterioration it successful the Hefty Hideaway [commercial],” she said connected the show.

Lake explained to “The View” hosts that her costume was “the 1 piece” she was capable to support from filming and she has kept it successful retention for the past 3 decades. 

Of the landmark film’s legacy, Lake said, “It changed my full life, it opened each doorway for me. John Waters besides mentored maine successful a mode [that] I deliberation I stayed beauteous humble and grounded done these years.”

She added, “It was weird seeing the [later] iterations, you know, the musical, and idiosyncratic other playing my role. But I’m honored. [Tracy Turnblad is] specified a quintessential relation exemplary for the underdog.” 

“Hairspray” got the reboot attraction erstwhile it was remade successful 2007 by Adam Shankman and starred an ensemble formed that included the talents of Nikki Blonsky successful the relation of Tracy arsenic good arsenic Zac Efron, Brittany Snow, Queen Latifah, Christopher Walken and John Travolta.

Lake besides spoke astir her precocious co-star Divine, who played her parent Edna Turnblad, for teaching her respective beingness lessons connected set.

“He taught maine however to locomotion successful precocious heels, absolutely!” she said. “You look astatine RuPaul and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ — that’s each derivative of Divine, and I’m truthful fortunate I had my commencement with him.” The legendary resistance queen and LGBTQ icon died successful 1988, conscionable weeks aft the musical’s release.