Rivalries, letdowns and other angles college football bettors must consider

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We’re getting deeper into the assemblage shot season, which means we’re going to spot much and much rivalry games. The lead-up to a rivalry crippled tin beryllium a bully spot to spell against a team, but support an oculus connected that crippled close after, particularly if the rivalry crippled ended successful affectional heartbreak oregon jubilant triumph.

We commencement with 1 of those, but different games clasp involvement from a situational standpoint successful Week 9, including a coaching alteration and 2 challenging roadworthy trips.

No. 6 Michigan (-4, 50) astatine No. 8 Michigan State

It has been a agelong clip since winning the Paul Bunyan Trophy mattered this much. Michigan was a 21.5-point favourite and mislaid this crippled past twelvemonth successful Ann Arbor, truthful revenge is connected the caput of the amended squad and the roadworthy favorite. This is the archetypal clip since 1964 that some teams person been ranked successful the Top 10 erstwhile they met.

This crippled represents a measurement up successful people for some teams. As we caput into Week 9, Michigan has played 3 teams with winning records — Wisconsin and MAC teams Western Michigan and Northern Illinois. Michigan State has not played a squad with a winning grounds astatine contiguous but is disconnected a bye with much clip to prepare.

When 2 prime teams tally into each different aft playing a batch of lesser competition, my caput gravitates toward the Under, and I deliberation that’s the mode to look present with a full of 50.

No. 22 Iowa State (-7, 48) astatine West Virginia

This is simply a beauteous modular situational spot successful league play, particularly erstwhile it comes to the Big 12. Some mainstream media outlets would person you judge that Iowa State upset Oklahoma State past week due to the fact that the Cyclones were unranked, but that was hardly the lawsuit arsenic a 7-point favorite.

West Virginia moving  backmost  Leddie Brown tosses the referee the shot  aft  scoring a touchdown against TCU connected  Oct. 23, 2021.West Virginia moving backmost Leddie Brown tosses the referee the shot aft scoring a touchdown against TCU connected Oct. 23, 2021.AP

Iowa State is present connected the roadworthy successful Morgantown. The Cyclones drawback a spot of a interruption that this isn’t a noon ET kickoff, but the travel to West Virginia is inactive the astir hard geographic determination successful the conference. The Cyclones won 24-21 past week and had a alternatively questionable basal defensively connected Oklahoma State’s last possession, arsenic 2021 exertion seemingly wasn’t bully capable to get a definitive look astatine the spot connected 4th down.

West Virginia, meanwhile, looked similar the squad I expected this play with an awesome roadworthy triumph astatine TCU. Iowa State survived, portion West Virginia thrived. Now the Mountaineers are getting 7 astatine location against a squad disconnected a truly affectional crippled to vault backmost into the Top 25. The spot beauteous intelligibly favors the Mountaineers. We’ll spot if they tin instrumentality advantage.

Texas Tech astatine No. 4 Oklahoma (-19.5, 67)

This is rather the fascinating crippled some ways. Texas Tech parted ways with manager Matt Wells connected Monday, signaling yet different measurement backmost for the program. The Red Raiders are en way to a 12th consecutive losing play successful Big 12 play. They’ll apt autumn to 2-4 here.

The archetypal crippled aft a manager gets fired is ever a constituent of contention. Texas Tech is 5-3 overall, truthful the players whitethorn beryllium rather amazed by this decision, and it could amusement Saturday. On the different hand, we often spot teams rally successful that archetypal crippled aft a manager is dismissed.

Oklahoma avoided embarrassment past week arsenic a immense favourite astatine Kansas. This crippled is the past 1 that looks easy, with Baylor, Iowa State and Oklahoma State near connected the schedule, including trips to Waco and Stillwater. Some definite lookahead factors present impact the Sooners, but possibly past week’s world cheque serves arsenic a reminder that you genuinely cannot place anybody successful assemblage football.

I’m not wholly definite astir this spot and whom it favors, but we should find retired beauteous rapidly successful the archetypal quarter.

Virginia astatine No. 25 BYU (-2.5, 63.5)

Bronco Mendenhall returns to Provo for the archetypal clip arsenic the manager of the Virginia Cavaliers for Saturday’s matchup against BYU. This volition beryllium Virginia’s archetypal roadworthy crippled since Oct. 9 and the archetypal travel westbound of the Mississippi for the programme since Sept. 22, 2017, against Boise State. It is the team’s archetypal crippled extracurricular of the Eastern clip portion since then.

Oklahoma backmost   Caleb WilliamsOklahoma backmost Caleb WilliamsGetty Images

The Cavaliers volition besides play astatine altitude for the archetypal time. A feline similar Mendenhall, and a BYU-heavy coaching staff, should cognize however to hole players for the elevation, but altitude masks and different grooming methods tin bash lone truthful much. It is besides a subtle, highly technological benignant of happening that is good supra my wage grade, but you bash person to wonderment what the elevation and bladed aerial mightiness bash to Virginia’s pass-happy discourtesy and the formation of the shot for backmost Brennan Armstrong. Virginia is 2nd successful the federation successful walk attempts with 382, accounting for astir 62 percent of its violative plays.

This is the commencement of a large agelong for Virginia with 3 consecutive ranked opponents — including Pitt, the existent person successful the ACC Coastal. This is simply a truly weird spot with back-to-back nonconference games arsenic well. The Cavaliers play BYU, person a bye past play Notre Dame.

The spot surely seems to favour the big Cougars, but BYU is not playing peculiarly good and has struggled with Power 5 competition.