Robert E Lee’s home on market for $5.9m – but listing fails to mention him

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The location astatine 607-601 Oronoco Street successful Alexandria, Virginia – a 226-year-old, six-bedroom, 8,145 sq ft mansion – appears by each measurement a highly desirable spot to live, if astatine an asking terms of $5.9m.

But successful a listing, the realtor selling the location fails to notation 1 thing.

It was erstwhile location of Robert E Lee, the Confederate wide who enslaved radical and fought to sphere slavery successful the American civilian war.

Furthermore, arsenic the Washington Post noted, a photo successful the listing appears to person been altered to edit retired a ample plaque successful beforehand of the spot which marks it arsenic “Lee’s boyhood home”.

Amid a nationalist ambiance of reckoning implicit systemic racism triggered by the execution of George Floyd by a Minneapolis constabulary serviceman successful May 2020, statues of Lee person been the targets of protests and the subjects of removals.

Only past month, a immense Lee statue was removed from Monument Avenue successful Richmond, the Virginia authorities capital.

Attending the removal, 1 Virginian told the Guardian: “It’s a beauteous time for democracy. It’s clip for america to beryllium honorable astir our history. Germany has zero statues of Hitler oregon Rommel. They learned the acquisition and we person to larn the lesson: we cannot coddle achromatic supremacy successful this country.”

The Lee location successful Alexandria is surely a spot wherever an proprietor could travel to consciousness coddled.

“The expansive entranceway greets you to a storybook foyer,” the realtor’s listing says, “with magnificent architecture juxtaposed with historical play details and earthy airy creating some a majestic yet lukewarm scene.”

The listing besides promises “patios, countless specimen trees and lush grounds” arsenic portion of a “truly magical” estate, and “easy entree to National Airport, Metro, Amazon HQ2 and large commuter routes”.

Nearby schools see a highly-rated simple … named successful portion for Thomas Jefferson, different elephantine of US past who enslaved people.

Jefferson-Houston is also named for Charles Hamilton Houston, the archetypal wide counsel to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and a pioneer of schoolhouse integration. On its website, it promises “Equity for All”.

On Saturday, the Guardian near a connection for Lauren Bishop of McEnearney Associates, the listing cause for the Lee house. She did not instantly respond.

The past of the location is not successful doubt. It is listed successful the Library of Congress arsenic a one-time location of Lee, who was calved successful 1807 astatine Stratford Hall plantation successful Westmoreland region but lived successful Alexandria aft his begetter was released from debtor’s prison.

Lee lived astatine the Alexandria location until helium near for West Point, the US subject academy, successful 1825. He roseate to fame successful the work of his state but erstwhile Virginia seceded successful 1861 rejected bid of national forces successful bid to service his authorities and slavery.

A plaque successful beforehand of the Alexandria location claims Lee returned aft his last defeat, astatine Appomattox successful 1865, climbing implicit a partition successful bid to spot the garden.

Lee’s even grander location astatine Arlington inactive stands, arsenic portion of the national cemetery the US authorities built connected its grounds. The archetypal burial crushed there, Section 27, contains the remains of astir 4,000 radical enslaved earlier the civilian war.

According to the Washingtonian, successful 2019, erstwhile the Alexandria location was past connected the market, the individuality of its historical occupant was connected afloat display. It fetched $4.7m, and has since undergone renovations and restoration.