Robert Saleh had his ‘welcome to the Jets’ moment in blowout Patriots loss

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The Jets got destroyed connected Sunday, 54-13, by the Patriots and present indispensable prime up the pieces astatine 1-5 without injured backmost Zach Wilson. Here are immoderate thoughts and observations from the game:

1. NFL coaches are precise proud, assured people. They would not person reached the apical of their assemblage without tremendous content successful their ability. Robert Saleh is nary different. You tin archer however overmuch helium believes successful his coaching acumen and what helium has already achieved successful the NFL.

But determination are besides moments erstwhile you spot coaches humbled successful this job. Sunday was 1 for Saleh.

I’m not definite however it is with different teams, but successful my years covering the Jets, I person seen this respective times where, successful a postgame property conference, the manager looks similar helium realized conscionable however large this occupation is. That is however Saleh appeared aft Sunday’s blowout loss. There was immoderate choler that came through, a fewer curse words, but wide the look connected Saleh’s look said to me, “this is harder than I thought it would be.”

When Saleh was being wined and dined by teams successful January, helium ne'er thought astir a time similar Sunday. He ne'er thought astir that Gillette Stadium scoreboard speechmaking 54-13. He ne'er thought astir however hopeless he’d consciousness arsenic the Patriots threw the shot implicit his defense’s heads contempt having a large pb successful the 4th quarter.

Robert Saleh connected  the sidelines during the nonaccomplishment   to the PatriotsRobert Saleh connected the sidelines during the nonaccomplishment to the PatriotsGetty Images

I’m definite Saleh realized that turning the Jets astir would not beryllium easy, but did helium recognize it would beryllium this hard? Losing has go a wont with the Jets. It is hard to hitch that retired successful 9 months. Saleh’s roster is not good, though determination is nary mode it is 41 points worse than the 3-4 Patriots. That was not the champion squad successful shot connected the different sideline connected Sunday.

Saleh had his infinitesimal connected Sunday wherever helium realized conscionable however pugnacious this Jets occupation is. Todd Bowles had it successful Year 2 connected the occupation aft a palmy Year 1. I retrieve a postgame successful Kansas City, aft Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six interceptions and his squad had been warring connected the sideline and successful the locker room. For Adam Gase, I retrieve the nonaccomplishment to a winless Dolphins squad successful Miami that dropped them to 1-7 successful 2019. Gase stared astatine a stat expanse conscionable extracurricular the locker country similar helium was trying to marque consciousness of what helium conscionable witnessed.

Bowles and Gase were ne'er capable to lick the riddle that is the Jets. Saleh is conscionable getting started, and possibly helium inactive will. But Sunday, helium looked similar a antheral who conscionable figured retired however tricky this occupation tin be.

Robert Saleh says helium hasn't felt this helpless aft a crippled since 2017:

"The NFL doesn't truly springiness a flying s—, excuse my language. In presumption of scheduling, we've got to enactment up adjacent week and for the adjacent 11 oregon 12, immoderate we've got left."

— Jets Videos (@snyjets) October 24, 2021

2. You knew that Mike White was going to person to play astatine immoderate constituent this season. The backup backmost was a immense communicative this outpouring and summertime astir the Jets, and you conscionable knew that astatine immoderate constituent we’d spot White.

Let’s get this straight, though: This is what the Jets’ brass chose. So, I don’t expect them to scramble and find an alternate present that Zach Wilson is apt retired for respective weeks with a genu injury. They knew they would astir apt request to play their backup, and they chose to instrumentality with White alternatively than motion a veteran. A Jets starting backmost has not made it done a afloat play since Ryan Fitzpatrick successful 2015, and helium lone got the occupation due to the fact that Geno Smith had his jaw breached successful grooming camp. Fitzpatrick mislaid the occupation successful 2016 not to wounded but to a benching, but his replacements Smith and aboriginal Bryce Petty some were injured.

The Jets proclaimed that they believed successful White whenever pressed connected the issue. Now, they tin beryllium it. White did immoderate bully things Sunday and deserves a shot. Remember, helium has not had immoderate meaningful reps with the starters since the archetypal fewer days of grooming campy erstwhile Wilson was inactive successful a declaration dispute. Once Wilson arrived, the absorption was connected getting him acceptable with each the snaps. During the season, the backup plays connected the scout team, but does not get galore reps with the starters. Theoretically, White should play amended aft a week of signifier with the starting offense.

Mike White drops backmost  for the JetsMike White drops backmost for the JetsGetty Images

3. I person thrown immoderate bouquets astatine the Jets defence aboriginal successful the play for the mode they played. Not today. It was hideous connected Sunday. The Jets’ young defence yet cracked and it was ugly. The Patriots were capable to bash immoderate they wanted against the Jets. Yes, they were missing C.J. Mosley and that hurt, but that much? They could not adjacent function. From the start, the Patriots rolled down the tract and ran close done the mediate of the Jets defense. What happened to the antiaircraft line? That portion is the spot of this steam and is not made up of rookies and second-year players similar the secondary. But they were pushed astir by the Patriots.

Robert Saleh preaches “no explosives” to his defense, but the Patriots had a whopping 8 plays of 25 yards oregon more. By comparison, the Jets person 12 plays of 25 yards oregon much each season. By the extremity of the game, the Jets were down to astir 7 oregon 8 astatine linebacker aft each the injuries (no Mosley, Jarrad Davis, Jamien Sherwood, Hamsah Nasirildeen, Blake Cashman, Quincy Williams), truthful that explains immoderate of wherefore the 4th fourth looked similar it did. They had players retired determination who had nary concern playing connected Sunday.

It does not explicate the opening of the game, though. We person been each implicit the Jets discourtesy for its dilatory starts, but this is present 2 weeks successful a enactment wherever the Jets were down 17-0 earlier the crippled adjacent truly started. The Patriots made it look casual aboriginal against Saleh’s defense. That has to beryllium troubling for everyone astir the Jets.

4. Man, is Bill Belichick ever going to get implicit the Jets? I mean, travel on, Bill. You won. You person won a cardinal Super Bowls successful the past 21 years and person proven you are the top manager ever. We get it. Yet, it inactive feels similar Belichick relishes rubbing the Jets noses successful it each accidental helium gets. The Jets’ coaches and players tin accidental that they were not bothered by him moving it up successful the fourth, but they had to beryllium a small upset. If they don’t, they person nary pride. Score different 1 for Belichick implicit his aged employer. At slightest the Jets won’t person to spot him again until adjacent year.

Revealing stat: This is not immoderate hidden stat that I uncovered but I deliberation it needs to beryllium driven home. The Jets person present mislaid 12 consecutive games to the Patriots. This utilized to beryllium a rivalry. This utilized to beryllium a large crippled that was connected primetime and everyone was excited about. Now, it is simply a joke, ne'er much truthful than Sunday’s debacle. It is simply a measuring instrumentality of however acold the Jets person fallen implicit the past decade.

Surprising drawback count: Jamison Crowder led each receivers with 52 snaps (out of 65). It is unusual for the slot receiver to play the astir snaps. Maybe the Jets were trying to showcase Crowder if anyone is considering trading for him this week.

Game ball: I’m giving this 1 to Mike White. I cognize helium threw 2 interceptions, but helium looked similar helium belonged and the Jets moved the shot connected a fewer drives with him. That is simply a precise hard mode to participate your archetypal NFL game, and helium did not look overwhelmed.