Ruby Rose blasts ‘Batwoman’ execs: ‘Wouldn’t return if a gun were to my head’

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This is bat displacement crazy.

Ruby Rose is going to bat against the CW and Warner Bros. TV, claiming the executives virtually forced her “Batwoman” exit by requiring her to instrumentality to enactment conscionable days aft undergoing large country arsenic good arsenic allegedly refusing work for respective terrible on-set injuries and creating a toxic enactment environment. 

“Dear fans, halt asking if I volition instrumentality to that atrocious show,” said Rose, 35, successful her scathing Instagram Story rebuke of the web and its bigwigs Tuesday night. “I wouldn’t instrumentality for immoderate magnitude of wealth nor if a weapon were to my head.”

The Australian histrion kicked disconnected her cyber spanking with erstwhile CW president Peter Roth, accusing the 71-year-old of “making young women steam your pants astir your crotch portion you were inactive wearing said pants.”

Ruby Rose speaks retired  against the CW for toxic enactment    situation  during "Batwoman" run.Ruby Rose speaks retired against the CW for an alleged toxic enactment situation during her “Batwoman” run.Kimberley French/The CW

Roth announced his departure from the network, aft 22 years of service, successful October 2020. No crushed was fixed for his departure, but WarnerMedia noted he was “well respected by his colleagues and competitors, actors, writers, directors and producers.”

She besides blasted Roth for allegedly insisting she resume filming the bid conscionable 10 days aft country for an wounded she suffered connected his set: “Imagine going backmost to enactment 10 days aft this,” Rose lamented successful the closed caption of footage from her operation.

“[If I didn’t] the full unit and formed would beryllium fired, and I’d fto everyone down, due to the fact that Peter Roth said helium wouldn’t recast and I conscionable mislaid the workplace millions (by getting injured connected his set),” she claimed. “[And] that I’d beryllium the 1 who outgo truthful galore radical their jobs.”

Warner Bros. TV has responded to Rose’s’ rant with the pursuing connection received by The Post, which confirms that she was fired — but disputes claims that the dismissal was not justified:

“Despite the revisionist past that Ruby Rose is present sharing online aimed astatine the producers, the formed and crew, the network, and the Studio, the information is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to workout its enactment to prosecute Ruby for play 2 of ‘Batwoman’ based connected aggregate complaints astir workplace behaviour that were extensively reviewed and handled privately retired of respect for each concerned.”

Meanwhile, Rose went connected to scold Roth for allegedly hiring a backstage researcher to probe into her beingness aft she abruptly stepped distant from “Batwoman” successful May 2020, soon aft the amusement had been renewed for a caller season.

She past shared what she claims is footage of a doctor’s appointment, during which a aesculapian nonrecreational appears to explicate the “abnormal” damages done to her ribs arsenic a effect of an wounded she reportedly sustained portion filming the show.

Rose near  "Batwoman" soon  aft  the amusement   had been renewed, Rose near “Batwoman” soon aft the amusement had been renewed.Jsquared Photography/The CW

“I person capable documentation to marque a one-hour documentary,” Rose wrote successful the video. 

She noted that erstwhile the wounded initially occurred, CW execs allegedly warned her that if she near the acceptable to get an X-ray, she’d beryllium disrupting the filming schedule. 

“What other would you similar maine to share,” her in-post substance continued. “The breached cervix oregon the breached rib divided successful 2 and the tumor?”

Rose besides claimed she suffered a “cut successful the look truthful adjacent to my oculus successful a stunt I could person been blind.”

She went connected to bash producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter for their deficiency of information for the galore terrible injuries unit members allegedly endured connected the “Batwoman” soundstage, claiming a antheral suffered third-degree burns each implicit his assemblage and a pistillate accumulation adjunct was near a quadriplegic.

The Post has reached retired to Berlanti Productions for comment.

Rose, who starred successful “Orange Is the New Black,” past called retired showrunner Caroline Dries for reportedly lone visiting the acceptable “4 to 5 times successful a year,” and refusing to unopen down accumulation successful the aftermath of the planetary wellness crisis.

Ros shared footage from her X-Rays aft  sustaining injuries connected  set.Rose allegedly sustained injuries connected set.Jack Rowand/The CW

“[Dries] has nary bosom and wanted america to decorativeness the play passim the pandemic and I told her it was a atrocious idea,” Rose claimed. “I told her everyone was excessively distracted, Matt perpetually checking Covid updates checking connected friends and seeing ‘Riverdale,’ ‘The Flash’ and ‘Super Girl’ unopen down already.”

Rose besides shamed Dries for allegedly denying that she’d sustained her injuries connected set, claiming it “happened during yoga.”

Rose says she volition  neRose says she volition ne'er instrumentality to “Batwoman.”©CW Network/Courtesy Everett Co

“I don’t bash yoga,” the histrion barked, adding that the exec and her cohorts reportedly wouldn’t supply her with proscription to and from the workplace aft her surgery.

“[They] knew I couldn’t legally thrust aft surgery, truthful they said ‘get a taxi,’ ” Rose claimed. 

But aft blasting the CW and “Batwoman” higher-ups, she closed her societal media scolding saying: “Aside from them I was loved and loved my crew.”

So far, the web has yet to openly remark connected Rose’s accusations.

Rose called retired  "Batwoman" execs for creating unsafe  conditions portion    filming. Rose called retired “Batwoman” execs for creating unsafe conditions portion filming. WireImage