Russell Crowe comes to the rescue for his crow namesake

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Russell Crowe and crow named Russell Russell Crowe reportedly flocked to rescue this fowl of the aforesaid name. Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Im

Birds of a feather flock together, arsenic they say.

Russell Crowe has saved the time for his plumed namesake: a crow named Russell.

The 58-year-old Oscar victor reportedly forked implicit $600 for country to dainty a rather fowl oculus infection. The crow’s British proprietor raised much than $2,700 successful full for the sick birdie.

“A Christmas Miracle happened contiguous arsenic Russell Crow was fixed astonishing enactment by a precise celebrated histrion with a precise akin name,” Helen Motteram crowed connected Facebook. “I honestly couldn’t judge it arsenic I opened up my emails contiguous and [saw] his campaign! It’s incredible.”

She aboriginal confirmed Russell the crow is connected the mend pursuing Thursday’s procedure.

Russell CroweThe famed histrion reportedly donated hundreds to enactment his feathered namesake.Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Im
Russell the crowRussell the crow underwent oculus country Thursday.Russellcrowuk/Twitter

“We honestly are truthful grateful for each the emotion and enactment we’ve received. Generous donations successful specified a hard time. I americium everlastingly thankful and wholly numb with the emotions I’m going through,” Motteram wrote connected Facebook, emphasizing Russell Crow — the 1 with wings — is “grateful.”

“I anticipation I tin instrumentality the favour to each azygous 1 of you. We are genuinely blessed to beryllium surrounded by specified astonishing friends, household and connections,” she added.

The feathery person is nary alien to Crowe, who tweeted his appreciation backmost successful 2017. “Haha cool, what a bully woman Helen is to look aft the mediocre blighter,” he wrote, portion besides suggesting his namesake perceive to songs from his musical project, “The Indoor Garden Party.”

This isn’t the archetypal clip the histrion has been celebrated for specified a expansive gesture. Earlier this year, a British mates noticed the prima donated wealth to prevention their beloved bookshop — to the tune of astir $6,000.

Helen and the birdRussell’s proprietor raised thousands online for the procedure.Russellcrowuk/Twitter
Russell the crowThankfully, Russell is connected the mend, his proprietor confirmed this week.Russellcrowuk/Twitter

“We checked the name, and I benignant of was like, ‘Russell Ira Crowe?'” store co-owner Leanne Fridd told CBS News. “And Dan was like, ‘It’s Russell Crowe!’ And I was like, ‘No, it can’t beryllium Russell Crowe.'”

In 2020, the “Gladiator” prima donated $5,000 to rebuild a destroyed Beirut edifice successful the sanction of Anthony Bourdain. He claimed the late culinary connoisseur, who adored the eatery, “would person astir apt done truthful if helium was inactive around.”