Russia demands Uefa ban Ukraine’s manager for remarks about war

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Russia is urging Uefa to prohibition the manager of the Ukraine men’s nationalist squad from shot aft helium expressed a privation to combat Vladimir Putin’s invading forces, the Guardian tin reveal.

The Football Union of Russia has written to the governing assemblage accusing Oleksandr Petrakov of discriminating against Russians and failing to stay politically neutral.

Denis Rogachev, the lawman caput wide of the FUR, cited comments carried successful 2 newspapers – Italy’s Corriere dello Sport and Russia’s Sport Express – arsenic grounds of Petrakov’s guilt.

In a missive to Uefa’s control, morals and disciplinary body, Petrakov is accused of breaching codes of behaviour by calling for Russians to beryllium banned from planetary athletics and talking astir his hopes of joining the equipped forces.

The second comments were archetypal made by Petrakov successful an interview successful April with the Guardian. They were subsequently picked up by Corriere dello Sport.

“I thought, if they travel to Kyiv, I volition prime up a limb and support my city,” Petrakov said. “I americium 64 but I felt it was mean to bash this. I deliberation I could instrumentality 2 oregon 3 enemies out.”

Petrakov, present 65, said successful the interview, which took spot successful Kyiv astatine the tallness of the fighting, that helium had spoken to a subordinate of Ukraine’s authorities soon aft Russia’s penetration astir joining the territorial defence. He was advised that his property and deficiency of subject acquisition made it unwise.

The FUR claims the comments from Petrakov, a Russian speaker, breach Fifa and Uefa codes prohibiting “discrimination of immoderate benignant against a country” and seeking to beforehand shot “in a tone of peace”.

A spokesperson for the Ukrainian Association of Football said: “When his state was attacked by invading inhumans, [Petrakov] was acceptable to support his land, his women and children.

“He was not accepted into the service owed to his deficiency of subject experience, but his measurement is simply a testament to his devotion to the state and patriotism.

“What benignant of favoritism tin we speech astir successful narration to a federation that deliberately commits genocide against different nation?”

The Uefa and Ukrainian flags alert  broadside  by broadside  implicit    Hampden Park earlier  a lucifer  betwixt  Scotland and Ukraine
Uefa and Ukrainian flags alert implicit Hampden Park earlier a lucifer betwixt Scotland and Ukraine. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA

Petrakov won praise successful June for his behaviour successful Britain erstwhile his squad ended Scotland’s hopes of World Cup qualification astatine Hampden Park earlier losing successful Cardiff to Wales.

Rogachev’s cautiously worded missive to Uefa does not marque notation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the warfare successful which thousands of civilians and subject unit person died.

“The statements by the caput manager of the Ukrainian typical shot team, Oleksandr Petrakov, are made against the inheritance of the governmental struggle betwixt the 2 countries – Russia and Ukraine – and represents a governmental connection which evidently violates the cardinal rule of governmental neutrality,” helium wrote.

“Moreover, the caput coach’s behaviour (sic) tin beryllium regarded arsenic engagement connected (sic) promoting nationalist hatred connected [a] nationalist ground and [the] usage of shot to asseverate the (sic) governmental views.”

The FUR claims that Petrakov efficaciously made a “call for violence” and that his comments are “discriminatory connected a nationalist basis, arsenic Oleksandr Petrakov calls for suspending each Russian athletes and imposing this authorisation to each citizens of the Russian Federation without immoderate ineligible justification”.

Russian shot clubs and nationalist teams person been suspended from each competitions by Fifa and Uefa but the prohibition does not screen idiosyncratic players.

The FUR notes the precedent of a beingness prohibition and €100,000 (£87,000) good fixed to an worker of Qarabag successful Azerbaijan aft helium posted a connection connected Facebook successful which helium called for Armenians, including “children, women, aged people”, to beryllium killed.

The national highlighted that Uefa requested Fifa “spread this authorisation worldwide”.

A ailment to Uefa’s disciplinary assemblage prompts an investigation. Agreement connected a authorisation would necessitate the enactment of a bulk of the body, which is made up of a president, 2 vice-presidents and betwixt 3 and 7 members.

A Uefa spokesperson said: “We cannot remark connected idiosyncratic cases. When complaints are received, they are dealt with successful accordance with the provisions of the disciplinary regulations. We person nary further accusation to supply you with astatine this stage.”

Petrakov was lauded by Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, aft starring Ukraine to triumph successful the 2019 Under-20 World Cup.

The nationalist squad manager, who took implicit from the erstwhile Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko successful August 2021, was distraught aft losing successful Cardiff but thanked the Welsh radical for their enactment and wished Wales good successful the World Cup.

“I deliberation we did everything that we could but I truly privation the radical of Ukraine to retrieve our team, our efforts,” helium told a property conference. “I privation to accidental atrocious that we didn’t people but this is sport. This is however it happens and I conscionable don’t … I’m mislaid for words. I don’t cognize what to say.”

The FUR did not respond to a petition for comment.