Russia has no full control of any of four ‘annexed’ Ukrainian provinces

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Russia nary longer has afloat power of immoderate of the 4 provinces of Ukraine it says it annexed past week aft Ukrainian troops reportedly precocious dozens of kilometres successful Kherson state successful the southbound of the state and made further gains successful the east.

On Monday the Russian subject acknowledged that Kyiv’s forces had breached done successful the Kherson region. It said the Ukrainian service and its “superior vessel units” had managed to “penetrate the depths of our defence” astir the villages of Zoltaya Balka and Alexsandrovka.

The ministry of defence spokesperson Igor Konashenkov said Russian troops had occupied what helium called a “pre-prepared antiaircraft line”. They continued to “inflict monolithic occurrence damage” connected Ukrainian forces, helium claimed.

His comments are an admittance that Ukraine’s confederate counter-offensive is dramatically gaining pace, 2 months aft it began. Ukrainian brigades look to person achieved their biggest breakthrough successful the portion since the warfare started, bursting done the frontline and advancing rapidly on the Dnieper River.


Kyiv gave nary authoritative confirmation of the gains. Russian sources acknowledged that the Ukrainian vessel violative had moved on the river’s westbound bank, recapturing a fig of villages on the way, and threatening the proviso lines for thousands of marooned Russian troops.

Speaking overnight, Zelenskiy said Ukraine’s 129th brigade from his location metropolis of Kryvyi Rih had liberated the settlements of Arkhanhelske and Myrolyubivka successful the bluish Kherson region. The brigade’s soldiers flew a bluish and yellowish flag successful Myrolyubivka from a shell-damaged roof.

Russian subject bloggers suggested Ukraine’s beforehand was spectacular. They claimed Kyiv’s troops were present adjacent to Dudchany, astir 20 miles (30km) southbound of wherever the beforehand stood earlier the breakthrough, indicating 1 of the fastest advances of the war.

Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior ministry, posted a photograph of Ukrainian soldiers posing with their emblem draping a aureate statue of an angel. He said it was the colony of Mikhailivka, astir 20km beyond their erstwhile position. The adjacent evident Ukrainian people was the metropolis of Beryslav, connected the banks of the Dnieper.

In his latest address, Zelenskiy dismissed arsenic a “farce” Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territory, which includes Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. Declining to notation Vladimir Putin by name, helium said “someone somewhere” had precocious held what helium called “pseudo-referendums”.

“When the Ukrainian emblem is returned, nary 1 remembers the Russian farce with immoderate pieces of paper,” Zelensky said. “Except, of course, the instrumentality enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Because everyone who is progressive successful immoderate elements of aggression against our authorities volition beryllium accountable for it.”

On Friday Putin held a expansive signing ceremonial successful the Kremlin with the 4 Russian-picked “leaders” of the occupied Ukrainian regions. He declared the territories were Russia’s “for ever” and said helium would usage “all disposable means” to support them – an evident notation to atomic weapons.

But the Kremlin’s strategy rapidly unravelled successful the look of embarrassing defeats connected the battlefield and disorder arsenic to wherever Russia’s caller planetary “borders” really were. Over the play Ukrainian troops recaptured the metropolis of Lyman successful Donetsk oblast – successful mentation a portion of Russia.

On Monday Putin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, failed to clarify the contented erstwhile helium said: “We volition proceed to consult with the radical who unrecorded successful these areas.” This appeared to beryllium a face-saving look successful the lawsuit – arsenic seems apt – of further Russian subject setbacks successful the coming days and weeks.

In the eastbound Donbas section separatist leaders acknowledged that Ukraine’s service had present crossed the administrative borders of Luhansk province, advancing from Lyman. Russia lone controls astir a fractional of Donetsk oblast. It is going backwards, 7 months into Putin’s full-scale invasion.

In the eastbound metropolis of Sloviansk determination was grounds of the caller battles and continuing violative arsenic captured Russian armour was towed into the city. The autumn of Lyman has opened the mode for Ukrainian forces to beforehand heavy into Luhansk province, threatening the main proviso routes to territory Moscow captured successful immoderate of the war’s bloodiest battles successful June and July.

Observers successful Kyiv were cautious connected Monday astir the standard of Ukrainian gains successful the south. They said continuous battles were going connected crossed a level steppe landscape. Russian troops were utilizing tanks, mortars, and jets to occurrence astatine Ukrainian positions and were making extended usage of drones. They were trying to repair bridges crossed the Dnieper destroyed by Ukrainian rocket strikes.

The lawman caput of Russia’s puppet medication successful the Kherson region, Kirill Stremousov, acknowledged the Ukrainian service was going forward. But helium added that “everything is nether control”. He recorded a video lasting adjacent to a reed-lined riverbank, with Kherson’s Antonivskyi Bridge disposable down him.

Stremousov said: “We are connected the crushed and proceed to instrumentality attraction of the citizens of the Russian Federation of the Kherson region. We are present Russia and everything volition beryllium fine.”

Speaking connected Russian TV, his boss, Vladimir Saldo, admitted things were not wholly going to plan. “It’s tense, let’s enactment it that way,” helium said. Saldo took portion successful Friday’s ceremonial successful the Kremlin, shaking hands with Putin. On Monday the Duma rubber-stamped the “annexation treaty”.

Zelenskiy’s elder advisers person humorously pointed retired the absurdity and surrealism of Russia “annexing” territory, portion astatine the aforesaid clip losing power of it. Oleksiy Arestovych tweeted connected Monday that “more and much settlements” were “rapidly withdrawing from the Russian Federation”. He added: “Now successful the Kherson direction.”

Russia presently occupies lone astir 30% of the Zaporizhzhia region. This includes Zaporizhzhia atomic powerfulness works but not Zaporizhzhia city, the main municipality centre. Social media channels suggested Russian troops person precocious stopped civilians from leaving via a crossing constituent to Ukrainian government-run territory, with hundreds of cars stuck.

In the north-east of the state Ukraine was adjacent to liberating each of the Kharkiv portion aft a counter-offensive which began past month. The Russian frontline is successful the eastbound of the oblast not acold from the municipality of Kupiansk. It was said to beryllium collapsing. Ukrainian troops liberated respective villages including Shyykivka.

They were reportedly moving eastbound and on the right-bank of the Oskil River towards the borderline with Luhansk oblast and the metropolis of Svatove. One unverified report said Russian soldiers had abandoned their positions successful a ample wood country without a fight, and were fleeing.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Russia had freed the caput of the Zaporizhzhia atomic powerfulness station. Ihor Murashov disappeared connected Friday portion connected his mode to enactment astatine the plant, which Russian troops person occupied since March. A Russian patrol abducted him.

The Kremlin has been coercing Ukrainian employees to motion caller contracts with Rosatom, its authorities atomic agency. The IAEA says it had received confirmation Murashov “had returned to his household safely”.

Russia inactive occupies astir 15% of Ukraine, including Crimea. But since September the Ukrainians person reclaimed ample chunks of land, via duplicate counter-offensives successful the north-east and south. It remains to beryllium seen if Russia’s wide mobilisation astatine location volition alteration this equation.