Russia Suspends Gas Flow to Italy After ‘Regulatory Changes’ in Austria

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Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom held up state supplies to Italy past weekend, citing a proscription contented successful Austria, according to Eni, Italy’s largest energy firm.

The halt successful state supplies was the effect of regulatory changes successful Austria that took spot astatine the extremity of September, Gazprom said successful a connection connected Telegram, adding that it is moving unneurotic with Italian buyers to resoluteness the issue.

“Gazprom informed that it is not capable to corroborate the state volumes requested for today, stating that it’s not imaginable to proviso state done Austria,” Eni said successful a announcement connected its website on Oct. 1.

“Therefore, today’s Russian state supplies to Eni done the Tarvisio introduction constituent volition beryllium astatine zero,” the vigor elephantine added. “Eni volition supply updates successful lawsuit supplies volition beryllium restored.”

As of Oct. 3, Eni hasn’t provided an update to its announcement to pass customers if state supplies were restored.

Gazprom aboriginal confirmed that the state transit done Austria had been suspended aft its grid relation refused to corroborate transport nominations, oregon the magnitude planned to ship.

Most of Russia’s state to Italy—which represented astir 40 percent of its imports past year—passes via Ukraine done the Trans Austria Gas Pipeline (TAG) to Tarvisio, a comune successful bluish Italy bordering Austria.

New Rules

A spokesperson for Eni said that Austria appeared to beryllium receiving state from Gazprom without immoderate issues.

In a series of tweets, Austria’s regulatory authorization E-Control elaborate that new rules, which came into unit successful precocious September, had been “known to each marketplace actors for months,” quality bureau AFP reported.

It added that it expected “all to conform and instrumentality the indispensable measures to fulfill their obligations.”

The problems were connected to “contractual details” linked to the transit of state toward Italy, E-Control noted connected Twitter, adding that this presently had “no effect” connected Austrian consumers.

The Eni spokesperson said the vigor steadfast is presently moving unneurotic with Gazprom to measure whether it’s imaginable to reactivate the flows to Italy.

Italy, a state acquainted with economical crisis, has stepped up efforts successful caller months to unafraid further state from alternate suppliers aft the commencement of Russia’s onslaught connected Ukraine successful February. The confederate European federation has been mostly babelike connected Russian vigor for years.

Last month, Italy secured further state supplies from Algeria, expanding full deliveries by astir 20 percent. This means Algeria volition go Italy’s apical supplier, providing astir 35 percent of imports. Meanwhile, Russia’s stock has dropped considerably, to astir 20 percent arsenic of June, Claudio Descalzi, Eni’s main enforcement officer, said successful September.

The cut-off of Italian state comes days aft underwater explosions damaged Gazprom-led Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines nether the Baltic Sea.

President Joe Biden connected Friday labeled the incidental an intentional “act of sabotage,” telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that the United States and its allies won’t beryllium “intimidated” by his words oregon threats.

“Let maine accidental this: It was a deliberate enactment of sabotage, and present the Russians are pumping retired disinformation and lies,” Biden told reporters astatine the White House, noting that the United States and its allies volition analyse the substance and get to the bottommost of precisely what happened.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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