Russia-Ukraine war: evacuation of women and children from Mariupol steelworks complete; Kyiv claims sinking of second Russian ship – live

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With supplies moving low, amputations conducted successful a ramshackle clinic, and corpses piling up, the fighters trapped astatine the besieged alloy works successful Ukraine’s Mariupol are battling to clasp connected arsenic Russian forces tighten their grip connected the city’s past redoubt.

A smattering of Ukrainian units making their past basal are sheltering successful the labyrinth of Soviet-era bunkers and tunnels snaking beneath the sprawling steelworks on with an untold fig of wounded and dormant combatants.

Details astir the chaotic last defence and hopeless efforts to thin to the wounded person been painstakingly pieced unneurotic by subject medic Yevgenia Tytarenko, whose hubby and colleagues stay trapped wrong the factory.

“Lots of soldiers are successful superior information successful the hospital. They are injured with nary medicine. Food and h2o are moving out,” said Tytarenko, who remains successful regular interaction with radical wrong the Azovstal plant.

“I’ll beryllium lasting until the end,” Tytarenko’s hubby and medic Mykhailo texted to her connected Friday, successful a connection shared with AFP.

For weeks, Russian forces person pounded the steelworks by land, air, and oversea - portion attempting to breach its defenses that person led to fierce firefights astatine the facility.

Commanders person issued their last goodbyes to loved ones arsenic supplies dwindle and the Russians adjacent in, portion the anticipation of extracting the fighters looks progressively unlikely, said Tytarenko.

“Commanders person already said their farewells to their wives. One of them messaged his wife: ‘Don’t cry. We’ll beryllium backmost location successful immoderate lawsuit - live oregon dead’,” said Tytarenko.

Tytarenko described a chaotic and analyzable cognition wrong Azovstal with fighters battling the Russians portion besides shepherding civilians on with the bodies of those killed to antithetic parts of the plant.

Without refrigeration, the bodies of the dormant person been packed successful integrative bags and are rotting, but the fighters stay committed to preventing them from falling into the hands of the Russian forces.

“Almost everywhere, they are carrying corpses with them,” said Tytarenko. “They merit to beryllium evacuated - those who are alive, injured, and dead.”

Speaking successful his nightly Telegram address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said that implicit 300 civilians had been rescued from Azovstal alloy works successful Mariupol, wherever they had been trapped for 72 days.

“I americium grateful to the teams of the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations Organisation, who helped america organise the archetypal signifier of the evacuation missions from Azovstal,” Zelenskiy said successful a video posted to Telegram.

However, portion the Ukrainian authorities said that “all women, children and the elderly” had been evacuated, determination were inactive doctors and soldiers, including galore wounded, stuck successful the bunkers of the Mariupol alloy plant, which is inactive undergoing vicious shelling and attacks by Russian forces.

Ukraine connected Saturday urged assistance bureau Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to evacuate its soldiers from their past holdout successful Mariupol.

Ukraine “calls connected MSF to organise a ngo to evacuate the defenders of Mariupol and Azovstal and supply aesculapian attraction to the wounded people, whose quality rights were violated by Russian Federation,” the ministry of reintegration of temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine wrote successful a connection successful English.

They person been “for 72 days successful a enactment under... ongoing shelling and attacks by the Russian army”, it added.

“Now, determination is simply a deficiency of medicines, h2o and food, wounded soldiers are dying due to the fact that of gangrene and sepsis.”

Good greeting and invited to the Guardian’s unrecorded sum of the warfare successful Ukraine.

Here are the latest developments:

  • Russian forces fired six cruise missiles astatine the confederate Ukrainian metropolis of Odesa connected Saturday and continued to bombarded a besieged alloy mill successful Mariupol. Russia appears to privation to implicit their conquest of Mariupol successful clip for Victory Day celebrations connected 9 May.
  • The Ukrainian authorities has said that it has destroyed different Russian ship. The ministry of defence claimed that Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 had deed the landing trade of the Serna project, tweeting: “The accepted parade of the Russian Black Sea fleet connected May 9 this twelvemonth volition beryllium held adjacent Snake Island – astatine the bottommost of the sea.”
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said much than 300 civilians person been rescued from the besieged Azovstal alloy works successful Mariupol, wherever they had been stuck for 72 days during a bitter conflict for the city. Zelenskiy said they were present preparing for a “second signifier of evacuation” to rescue doctors and soldiers inactive trapped there. The Ukrainian authorities person urged Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to assistance with the evacuation
  • Zelenskiy besides expressed regret astatine the taste devastation caused by the war. In his nightly code connected Telegram, helium said “nearly 200 taste practice sites” successful Ukraine had been mislaid oregon damaged
  • A Russian weaponry deed a schoolhouse successful the eastbound Ukraine colony of Bilogorivka wherever 90 radical were sheltering, according to the politician of Luhansk. He said respective bodies had been pulled from the rubble.
  • CIA Director William Burns said the warfare is successful a unsafe signifier because President Putin “thinks helium cannot spend to lose” . Burns said the immense magnitude of occidental subject enactment for Ukraine was not a deterrent to the Russian President
  • Britain has pledged to supply different £1.3bn ($1.60bn) successful subject enactment and assistance to Ukraine. The caller funds volition astir treble Britain’s erstwhile spending commitments to Ukraine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said successful a statement, “Putin’s brutal onslaught is not lone causing untold devastation successful Ukraine – it is besides threatening bid and information crossed Europe.”
  • The Group of Seven (G7) leaders volition clasp a video telephone connected Sunday with Zelenskiy successful a amusement of unity the time earlier Russia marks its Victory Day holiday, the White House said. Talks volition absorption connected the latest developments successful Russia’s penetration of Ukraine, efforts to bolster the state and ways to show “continued G7 unity successful our corporate response, including by imposing terrible costs for Putin’s war”, a spokesperson for the White House said.