Russia-Ukraine war live news: 3 killed in minibus evacuating Kherson, officials say; Kyiv investigating 752 cases of treason

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Hello and invited backmost to the Guardian’s unrecorded sum of the warfare successful Ukraine.

I’m Samantha Lock and I volition beryllium bringing you each the latest developments for the adjacent abbreviated while.

Three radical person reportedly been killed by Russian shelling portion evacuating successful a minibus adjacent Kherson, Ukraine’s subject is reporting.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said it is “too aboriginal to gully immoderate conclusions” aft a vessel carrying Ukrainian grain left the larboard of Odesa for the archetypal clip since the commencement of the Russian penetration connected Monday.

“We cannot person the illusions that Russia volition simply refrain from trying to disrupt Ukrainian exports,” helium cautioned.

It is 8.30am successful Ukraine. Here is everything you mightiness person missed:

  • The United Nations main has warned that atomic annihilation is conscionable 1 miscalculation away. At the opening of a cardinal atomic Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) league successful New York, António Guterres warned that the satellite faced “a atomic information not seen since the tallness of the acold war.” “Humanity is conscionable 1 misunderstanding, 1 miscalculation distant from atomic annihilation,” helium said citing the warfare successful Ukraine arsenic a important factor.
  • On Monday Russian President Vladimir Putin said determination could beryllium “no winners” successful a atomic warfare and it should “never beryllium unleashed” successful a missive sent to attendees of the NPT conference. In February, Putin pointedly referred to Russia’s atomic arsenal and warned extracurricular powers that immoderate effort to interfere would “lead you to specified consequences that you person ne'er encountered successful your history”. Days later, helium ordered Russia’s atomic forces to beryllium enactment connected precocious alert.
  • The US volition nonstop $550m successful a caller tranche of weapons to Ukraine, including ammunition for progressively important rocket launchers and artillery guns. Ukraine received a batch of 4 much US-made precocious mobility artillery rocket systems (Himars), Ukraine’s defence curate said connected Monday.
  • The US has accused Russia of utilizing Ukraine’s largest atomic powerfulness works arsenic a “nuclear shield”. US caput of authorities Antony Blinken said Washington was “deeply concerned” that Moscow was present utilizing the works arsenic a subject basal and firing connected Ukrainian forces from astir it and called Russia’s actions astir the works “the tallness of irresponsibility”.
  • A vessel carrying Ukrainian atom left the larboard of Odesa for the archetypal clip since the commencement of the Russian invasion connected Monday nether an internationally brokered woody to unblock Ukraine’s cultivation exports and easiness a increasing planetary nutrient crisis. The Sierra Leone-flagged vessel Razoni was carrying 26,000 tons of maize and destined for Lebanon. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy described the shipment arsenic “the archetypal affirmative awesome that determination is simply a accidental to halt the improvement of a satellite nutrient crisis” portion the Kremlin called the departure “very positive” news.
  • The regular state accumulation of Russia’s Gazprom dropped successful July to its lowest level since 2008, figures suggest, amid fears that Moscow could origin an vigor situation successful Europe by shutting disconnected supply. The state-owned vigor steadfast pumped 774m cubic metres a time past period – 14% little than successful June – according to investigation by Bloomberg of information released connected Monday. Overall full output for the twelvemonth was 262.4bn cubic metres, a 12% autumn compared with the aforesaid play past year.
  • Food ostentation has soared crossed overmuch of the processing satellite since Russia’s penetration of Ukraine and has trapped respective richer countries successful a rhythm of rising prices, a study by the World Bank has found. The organisation said the warfare would deed galore countries with an increase successful nutrient bills worthy much than 1% of their yearly nationalist income (GDP), portion others would neglect to incorporate the interaction and beryllium plunged into a full-blown indebtedness crisis.
  • France volition donate a mobile DNA laboratory to Kyiv authorities in a bid to guarantee warfare crimes by Russian forces successful Ukraine bash not spell unpunished, President Emmanuel Macron said connected Monday.
  • Spanish businesses, restaurants, museums and nationalist transport volition beryllium required to adhere to strict somesthesia requirements nether exigency measures the authorities announced connected Monday to prevention energy. The program establishes a minimum somesthesia of 27C (80F) successful summertime and a maximum of 19C (66F) successful winter.
  • The Russian system has been profoundly damaged by sanctions and the exit of planetary concern since the state invaded Ukraine, according to a caller study by Yale University concern experts and economists. Largely unpublished information shows that overmuch of its home economical enactment has stalled since the invasion. “Not lone person sanctions and the concern retreat worked, they person thoroughly crippled the Russian system astatine each level,” the 118-page study read. “Russian home accumulation has travel to a implicit standstill with nary capableness to regenerate mislaid businesses, products and talent.”
A firefighter extinguishes a burning infirmary  gathering  deed  by a Russian rocket  onslaught   successful  Mykolaiv, Ukraine, connected  1 August.
A firefighter extinguishes a burning infirmary gathering deed by a Russian rocket onslaught successful Mykolaiv, Ukraine, connected 1 August. Photograph: Reuters