Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow declares victory in battle for Mariupol steel plant; Russia halts gas supplies to Finland – live

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Russia halts state exports to Finland

Russia’s Gazprom connected Saturday halted state exports to neighbouring Finland, the Finnish state strategy relation said, the latest escalation of an vigor payments quality with Western nations.

Gazprom Export has demanded that European countries wage for Russian state supplies successful roubles due to the fact that of sanctions imposed implicit Moscow’s penetration of Ukraine, but Finland refuses to bash so.

“Gas imports done Imatra introduction constituent person been stopped,” Gasgrid Finland said successful a statement.

Imatra is the introduction constituent for Russian state into Finland.

Finnish state-owned state wholesaler Gasum connected Friday said Gazprom had warned that flows would beryllium halted from 4am connected Saturday morning.

Gasum besides confirmed connected Saturday that the flows has stopped.

“Natural state supplies to Finland nether Gasum’s proviso declaration person been chopped off,” it said successful a statement.

Hello and invited to the Guardian’s rolling sum of the warfare successful Ukraine. I americium Hannah Ellis-Petersen joining you from Delhi and I volition beryllium live-blogging the cardinal developments implicit the adjacent fewer hours. Here is simply a summary of the concern this morning.

  • Russia has declared triumph successful its months-long cognition to seizure the strategical larboard of Mariupol after Ukraine ordered the past of its troops holed up successful the city’s Azovstal steelworks to laic down their arms. In Russia’s biggest triumph successful the warfare yet, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin the “complete liberation” of the Azovstal alloy works successful Mariupol, which had been the past stronghold of Ukrainian absorption — and the metropolis arsenic a whole. Over 20,000 civilians are feared dead
  • In a video statement, commandant of Ukraine’s Azov regiment, Denys Prokopenko said civilians and heavy wounded Ukrainian fighters person been evacuated from the plant. The Kremlin’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, said the Ukrainian combatants would beryllium treated successful enactment with planetary norms for prisoners of war.
  • Russian defence ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenko said 2,439 Ukrainian unit had surrendered astatine the steelworks since May 16, the last 500 connected Friday. Ukraine hopes to speech the surrendering Azovstal soldiers for Russian prisoners though respective elder Russian politicians demanded this week they beryllium enactment connected proceedings and 1 adjacent called for their execution.
  • The warring continues to beryllium fiercest successful the eastern, Russian-speaking portion of Donbas. In the eastbound metropolis of Severodonetsk, 12 radical were killed and different 40 wounded by Russian shelling. President Zelensky described the bombardment of Severodonetsk arsenic “brutal and perfectly pointless”.
  • Zelenskiy said Russia should beryllium made to wage for each home, school, infirmary and concern it destroys. He called connected Ukraine’s partners to prehend Russian funds and spot nether their jurisdiction and usage them to make a money to compensate those who suffered
  • In the municipality of Lozova, astatine slightest 8 people, including a child, were wounded by shrapnel connected Friday erstwhile a almighty Russian rocket onslaught gutted a recently repaired taste centre, the largest successful the region.
  • The G7 large economies and planetary fiscal institutions agreed to supply much wealth to bolster Ukraine’s finances, bringing the full to $19.8bn. In the U.S., President Joe Biden was expected to motion a $40bn bundle of subject and economical assistance to Ukraine and its allies.
  • Russia has chopped disconnected the proviso of earthy state to Finland. It followed Finland’s refusal to wage for Russian state supplies successful roubles, pursuing sanctions imposed implicit Moscow’s penetration of Ukraine. The cut-off besides came aft the country’s exertion to articulation Nato which Moscow has opposed and warned would beryllium “a sedate mistake with far-reaching consequences.” The cutoff, which happened astatine 4am connected Saturday morning, is not expected to person immoderate large contiguous effect. Natural state accounted for conscionable 6% of Finland’s full vigor depletion successful 2020
  • Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, said helium volition talk to Finland’s president contiguous to sermon his absorption to its bid to articulation Nato. Erdoğan told reporters that helium would besides beryllium speaking to Britain on Saturday astir the issue
  • A captured Russian worker accused of sidesplitting a civilian awaited his destiny successful Ukraine’s archetypal warfare crimes proceedings held successful Kyiv. Sgt. Vadim Shishimarin, 21, could get beingness successful situation aft helium admitted to sidesplitting an unarmed civilian aboriginal successful the offensive. The verdict is apt connected Monday.
  • Russian lawmakers projected a measure to assistance the property bounds of 40 for Russians volunteering for subject service. Currently, each Russian men 18 to 27 indispensable acquisition a twelvemonth of service, though galore get assemblage deferments and different exemptions.