Russia-Ukraine war: Nato head says war could last years; Ukraine governor reports ‘tough battles’ near Sievierodonetsk - live

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German chancellor Olaf Scholz says the Group of Seven starring democracies volition marque wide astatine their coming acme that Ukraine tin expect to person the enactment it needs “for arsenic agelong arsenic necessary”.

In an interrogation with Germany’s dpa quality bureau published connected Saturday, Scholz said helium wanted to usage adjacent week’s gathering with chap G7 leaders successful the Bavarian colony of Elmau to sermon Ukraine’s semipermanent prospects.

“We volition proceed to enactment Ukraine for arsenic agelong arsenic necessary,” Scholz said. “We privation to marque definite that Russian president [Vladimir Putin’s] calculations bash not enactment out.

“Putin evidently hopes that everything volition autumn into spot erstwhile helium has conquered capable onshore and the planetary assemblage volition instrumentality to concern arsenic usual,” helium added. “That is an illusion.”

Associated Press reporting Scholz arsenic saying helium and his counterparts from France, Italy and Romania had discussed further weapons supplies for Ukraine specifically ammunition and artillery with president Volodymyr Zelensky during their sojourn to Kyiv connected Thursday.

The 4 leaders besides backed Ukraine’s bid for rank of the European Union, a stance Scholz said helium hoped each of the bloc’s countries would enactment astatine a gathering successful Brussels adjacent week.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy said helium had visited soldiers connected the confederate frontline successful the Mykolaiv region, astir 550km (340 miles) southbound of Kyiv.

“I talked to our defenders – the military, the police, the nationalist guard,” helium said successful a video connected Telegram connected Sunday that appeared to person been recorded connected a moving train.

“Their temper is assured: they each bash not uncertainty our victory,” Zelenskiy said. “We volition not springiness the southbound to anyone, and each that is ours we volition instrumentality back.”

Another video showed Zelenskiy successful his trademark khaki T-shirt handing retired medals and posing for selfies with servicemen.

Reuters reported Zelenskiy’s bureau arsenic saying helium had besides visited nationalist defender positions successful the confederate portion of Odesa to the westbound of Mykolaiv. The timing of the trips was not revealed.

Zelenskiy has stayed mostly successful Kyiv since Russia invaded, though successful caller weeks helium has made unannounced visits to Kharkiv and 2 eastbound cities adjacent battles.

The besieged metropolis of Sievierodonetsk faced dense artillery and rocket occurrence again arsenic Russian forces attacked areas astir it, the Ukrainian subject said.

The military’s wide unit acknowledged its forces had suffered a setback successful the colony of Metolkine, conscionable south-east of Sievierodonetsk, arsenic the conflict for the concern metropolis successful eastbound Ukraine continued.

“As a effect of artillery occurrence and an assault, the force has partial occurrence successful the colony of Metolkine, trying to summation a foothold,” it said successful a Facebook station precocious connected Saturday.

Serhiy Gaidai
, the Ukrainian-appointed politician of Luhansk, referred successful a abstracted online station to “tough battles” successful Metolkine, Reuters reported.

Russia’s Tass quality agency, citing a root moving for Russian-backed separatists, said galore Ukrainian fighters had surrendered successful Metolkine.

Smoke and occurrence   emergence  aft  a subject   onslaught   connected  a compound of Sievierodonetsk’s Azot chemic  works  successful  the Luhansk portion   connected  Saturday
Smoke and occurrence emergence aft a subject onslaught connected a compound of Sievierodonetsk’s Azot chemic works successful Lysychansk, Luhansk region, connected Saturday. Photograph: Reuters

Welcome and summary

Hello, I’m Adam Fulton successful Sydney and invited to our continuing sum of the warfare successful Ukraine. It is approaching 10am successful Kyiv and here’s a summary of the latest developments.

  • Russia’s warfare successful Ukraine could instrumentality years, the Nato caput wide said. Jens Stoltenberg said the proviso of state-of-the-art weaponry to Ukraine would boost the accidental of freeing its eastbound portion of Donbas from Russian control, Germany’s Bild americium Sonntag paper reported. “We indispensable hole for the information that it could instrumentality years,” Stoltenberg said. “We indispensable not fto up successful supporting Ukraine, adjacent if the costs are high, not lone for subject support, besides due to the fact that of rising vigor and nutrient prices.”
  • Russia was sending a ample fig of reserve troops to Sievierodonetsk from different conflict zones to effort to summation afloat power of the besieged eastbound city, the politician of Ukraine’s Luhansk portion said connected Sunday. “Today, tomorrow, oregon the time aft tomorrow, they volition propulsion successful each the reserves they person … due to the fact that determination are truthful galore of them determination already, they’re astatine captious mass,” Serhiy Gaidai said connected nationalist television.
  • Two apical commanders of fighters who defended the Azovstal alloy works successful Mariupol person been transferred to Russia for investigation, Russia’s authorities quality bureau Tass reported. Citing an unnamed Russian instrumentality enforcement source, Tass said precocious connected Saturday that Svyatoslav Palamar, a lawman commandant of the Azov battalion, and Serhiy Volynsky, the commandant of the 36th marine brigade of the Ukrainian equipped forces, were moved to Russia.
  • A large detonation rocked an country adjacent Sievierodonetsk connected Saturday. Rodion Miroshnik, an authoritative successful the self-styled separatist medication of the Luhansk People’s Republic, posted a video of what helium said was the unreality connected the Telegram messaging app.
  • Five civilians were killed connected Saturday successful Ukrainian strikes connected the eastbound separatist metropolis of Donetsk, according to section authorities. “As a effect of the bombardment by Ukrainian forces, 5 radical were killed and 12 others were wounded successful the Donetsk People’s Republic,” the authorities said successful a connection posted connected Telegram.
  • Several Russian missiles deed a gasworks successful the Izium territory successful eastbound Ukraine, Kharkiv portion politician Oleh Synehubov said. “A large-scale occurrence broke out, rescuers localised the fire,” helium wrote connected the Telegram messaging app connected Saturday. Reuters reported him adding that immoderate different buildings had besides been damaged.
  • Russian missiles destroyed a substance retention depot successful Novomoskovsk, a municipality successful eastbound Ukraine. According to the caput of the determination medication connected Saturday, 3 radical person been sent to the hospital.
  • The Pentagon is considering sending 4 further rocket launchers to Ukraine, Politico reports. According to US defence section officials, speaking to the outlet connected information of anonymity, the US whitethorn apt nonstop 4 much precocious mobility artillery rocket systems, making their full fig astir eight. The determination would beryllium “based connected Ukrainian contiguous needs”, 1 authoritative said.
  • Russia and Ukraine person carried retired a captive exchange, the Kyiv Independent reports. Five captured Ukrainian individuals were returned to Ukraine connected 18 June successful speech for 5 captured Russian individuals, according to the Ukrainian defence ministry’s quality directorate.
  • Yuliia Paievska AKA “Taira”, the Ukrainian captured paramedic who was freed from Russian captivity during the week, released a video thanking Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskiy for her release. “I ever believed that everything would beryllium precisely this, and everyone who is present connected the different side, they cognize everything volition enactment out,” she said.
  • Zelenskiy presented authorities awards to borderline guards successful Odesa arsenic helium visited troops successful confederate Ukraine. “I privation to convey you from the radical of Ukraine, from our state, for the large enactment you are doing, for your heroic service,” the president said connected Saturday. “It is important that you are alive. As agelong arsenic you live, determination is simply a beardown Ukrainian partition that protects our country.”