Russia-Ukraine war: Zelenskiy to address G7 as Moscow renews attacks on Kyiv – live

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Hello and invited to today’s ongoing sum of Russia’s warfare connected Ukraine. It’s coming up to 8am successful Kyiv and here’s a summary of the latest developments:

  • Russia stepped up aerial strikes connected Ukraine implicit the weekend, including connected the superior of Kyiv, portion the strategical eastbound metropolis of Sievierodonetsk fell to pro-Russian forces. There had been nary large strikes connected Kyiv since aboriginal June.
  • The Ukraine president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said a wounded seven-year-old miss was pulled from the rubble of a nine-storey flat artifact successful Kyiv. The girl’s begetter was killed successful the strike, helium said. “She was not threatened by thing successful our country. She was wholly safe, until Russia itself decided that everything was arsenic hostile to them present - women, children, kindergartens, houses, hospitals, railways,” Zelenskiy said successful his nightly address.
  • The US president, Joe Biden, said that “it’s much of their barbarism”, referring to the rocket strikes connected Kyiv, arsenic leaders from the G7 countries gathered for a summit successful Germany.
  • The UK premier minister, Boris Johnson, volition usage Monday’s league astatine the G7 summit successful Germany to call for urgent enactment to assistance get captious atom supplies retired of Ukraine’s blockaded ports to enactment the country’s system and alleviate shortages astir the world, PA reports. Johnson volition telephone for an planetary solution to the crisis, including uncovering overland routes for atom supplies to bushed the Russian blockade, with £10m successful materials and instrumentality to repair damaged obstruction infrastructure.
  • Ukraine’s overseas minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said G7 countries should respond to the latest rocket strikes by imposing further sanctions connected Russia and providing much dense weapons to Ukraine.
  • Zelenskiy urged Belarusians to basal successful solidarity with Ukraine. “Russian enactment wants to resistance you into the Ukraine-Russian warfare due to the fact that it doesn’t attraction astir your lives. But you aren’t slaves and tin determine your destiny yourself,” Zelenskiy said successful a video code to Belarusians.
  • The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, volition sojourn 2 tiny erstwhile Soviet states successful cardinal Asia this week, Russian authorities tv reported connected Sunday, successful what would beryllium the Russian leader’s archetypal known travel overseas since ordering the penetration of Ukraine. Putin volition sojourn Tajikistan and Turkmenistan and past conscionable the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, for talks successful Moscow, the study connected Rossiya 1 tv presumption said.
  • The UN Human Rights part successful Ukraine said connected Sunday that since Russia’s penetration of Ukraine successful February, it has “received hundreds of allegations of torture and ill-treatment, including conflict-related intersexual violence”. “People were kept tied and blindfolded for respective days, beaten, subjected to mock executions, enactment successful a closed metallic box, forced to sing oregon outcry glorifying slogans, provided with nary oregon scarce nutrient oregon water, and held successful overcrowded rooms with nary sanitation,” the UN quality rights monitoring ngo successful Ukraine said.
  • France has become the latest country to reconsider its vigor options due to the fact that of the war successful Ukraine, announcing connected Sunday it was looking into reopening a precocious closed coal-fired powerfulness station. The vigor modulation ministry said it was considering reopening the presumption astatine Saint-Avold successful eastbound France this winter, “given the concern successful Ukraine” and the effect it was having connected vigor markets.
  • Ukrainian forces person attacked a drilling level successful the Black Sea owned by a Crimean lipid and state company, Russia’s Tass quality bureau cited section officials arsenic saying connected Sunday – the 2nd onslaught successful a week. The level is operated by Chernomorneftegaz, which Russian-backed officials seized from Ukraine’s nationalist state relation Naftogaz arsenic portion of Moscow’s annexation of the peninsula successful 2014.
  • Canada deployed 2 warships to the Baltic Sea and northbound Atlantic connected Sunday, joining a brace of frigates already successful the portion in attempts to reenforce Nato’s eastbound flank successful effect to Russia’s penetration of Ukraine. The navy ships Kingston and Summerside would beryllium connected a four-month deployment arsenic portion of “deterrence measures successful cardinal and eastbound Europe” launched successful 2014 aft Moscow annexed Crimea, the Canadian navy said successful a statement.