Russian Tourists Will Not Be Banned From Visiting Australia: Defence Minister

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Australia has rejected Ukraine’s telephone to halt Russian tourists from entering the country.

Defence Minister Richard Marles said Australia’s sanctions were focused connected the Russian government, “not the Russian radical themselves.”

“This is not thing we are considering astatine the infinitesimal but we are precise overmuch a portion of the planetary basal of sanctions against the Russian regime,” helium told the ABC connected Sunday.

It comes aft Vasyl Myroshnychenko, the Ukrainian ambassador to Australia, called connected the authorities to “ban the issuance” of Russian tourer visas but proceed issuing exile visas for those fleeing Russia.

In a post connected Twitter, Myroshnychenko claimed that a bulk of the Russian radical supported the warfare successful Ukraine and truthful indispensable beryllium held accountable.

The leaders of Estonia and Finland person already restricted Russians from traveling into their countries and privation chap European countries to travel suit.

In a Washington Post interview, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked each Western countries to prohibition Russian tourists from entering their country.

While Marles ruled retired the banning of Russian travellers, helium said Australia was considering sending further subject assistance to Ukraine.

“We bash request to beryllium preparing ourselves for protracted struggle and connected that basis, we get that we are going to request to supply enactment for Ukraine implicit the agelong term,” helium said.

“We are looking astatine ways successful which we tin proceed this.”

Marles said Australia’s nonsubjective was to enactment and empower Ukraine to resoluteness the struggle “on their terms.”

Australian Support for Ukraine arsenic It Pushes Back Russia

Australia has committed astir $388 cardinal (US$260 million) successful assistance to the warfare effort successful Ukraine, making it the 1 of the largest non-NATO contributors to Ukraine.

This includes 60 Bushmaster subject vehicles, 28 armoured vehicles, six lightweight howitzers, and unmanned aerial systems.

The Ukrainian authorities said connected Sept. 13 that it aimed to instrumentality backmost each of its territories aft pushing backmost Russian forces successful the northeastern information of the state successful a accelerated offensive.

Zelenskyy said successful a video code that Ukraine required further weapons systems from the West to “strengthen practice to defeat” Russian forces successful the country.

Marles said the mode the unanimity successful which the satellite reacted to Russia had been “very impressive.”

He added that if Beijing plans to determination into Taiwan, it should enactment the “incredible resistance” of radical who combat for their homeland arsenic seen successful the warfare successful Ukraine.

“Well, China I’m definite is watching this, arsenic we each are,” helium said.

Jack Phillips contributed to this report.

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