‘Rust’ actor speaks out after fatal Alec Baldwin shooting on set

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SANTA FE, N.M. – A “Rust” histrion said Friday helium wished “precautions” had been taken connected acceptable that could’ve prevented Alec Baldwin’s tragic misfiring of a prop weapon that near the film’s cinematographer dead.

“It’s basically, it’s a unspeakable shame, I privation precautions would’ve been taken truthful that it didn’t happen,” John C. Ashton, who had a insignificant relation successful the film, told The Post extracurricular of the Bonanza Creek Ranch wherever the movie acceptable was located. 

“But I don’t cognize what precisely did happen, the sheriff volition tell, you know, truthful I can’t say, truthful I haven’t truly thought astir it each that overmuch due to the fact that I don’t person overmuch to spell on.”

On Thursday afternoon, Baldwin was handed a prop weapon loaded with unrecorded rounds but was told it was harmless minutes earlier helium fired, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring the movie’s director, Joel Souza.

Ashton believed a batch of his chap formed and unit volition astir apt beryllium speaking with counselors aft the on-set tragedy.

The 74-year aged actor, who antecedently had a tiny portion successful “Breaking Bad,” was slated to play a frontier “postmaster astatine a desolate outpost” successful the occidental and was driving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, from his location successful Denver erstwhile helium got the quality the sprout had been canceled.  

A distraught Alec Baldwin lingers successful  the parking batch  extracurricular  the Santa Fe County Sheriff's offices.A distraught Alec Baldwin lingers successful the parking batch extracurricular the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s offices aft the tragic acceptable mishap.Jim Weber/The New Mexican

“I was driving present from Denver for a [costume] fitting and the lawsuit called and said we person to cancel due to the fact that there’s been an mishap connected the set,” Ashton said.

The histrion said that cipher from the accumulation institution contacted him oregon his cause straight to archer him what happened and helium lone learned the one-day shoot, scheduled for Sunday, was disconnected erstwhile the costume institution called.

On Friday evening, helium drove himself to the Bonanza Creek Ranch acceptable entrance, hoping he’d beryllium allowed to cheque it retired but the determination was closed off. 

Now, Ashton said he’s unsure of his thoughts astir the industry’s information protocols for the aboriginal and is waiting for much accusation earlier drafting conclusions.

“I haven’t truly thought astir however I’m expected to consciousness successful the aboriginal astir safeguards and truthful distant but I conscionable consciousness it’s a sad, unspeakable happening that happened,” helium said.

Halyna Hutchins was fatally changeable  successful  the incident.Halyna Hutchins was fatally changeable connected acceptable connected Oct. 21, 2021.KAMC

Ashton sympathized with Baldwin, the movie’s biggest prima and 1 of the film’s producers, who was seen speaking connected his cellphone and crying extracurricular of the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office soon aft the fatal incident.

“He indispensable beryllium successful unspeakable signifier for having that hap to him, I consciousness atrocious for him and I’m definite he’s successful misery implicit it … I would expect helium would be,”

“He’s going to instrumentality a portion to get settled, anybody would.”

John C. Ashton, 74 speaks astir  about Alec Baldin and the Rust accidentJohn C. Ashton has a tiny relation successful “Rust.”Gabrielle Fonrouge NY Post