Ryan Seacrest wants to Rock Times Square next ‘Rockin’ Eve’

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Ryan Seacrest thinks his “Rockin’ Eve” needs a Rock. 

The big of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest” has a imagination wingman for aboriginal festivities.

“The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson successful Times Square would beryllium the top due to the fact that it’s packed and radical would wage attraction to him,” Seacrest told The Post astatine ABC Studios connected Thursday. “So walk it on, ‘Post.’”

To ringing successful 2023, Seacrest is paired with histrion and shaper Liza Koshy.

“He’s gonna instrumentality my occupation adjacent year,” she said of Johnson, laughing.

The duo explained however they statesman to hole for the shot driblet and the five-hour show surrounding it — with an 100-person accumulation meeting.

Ryan Seacrest poses with precocious   big   and TV fable  Dick Clark successful  2009.Ryan Seacrest poses with precocious big and TV fable Dick Clark successful 2009.Theo Wargo/DCNYRE2010

“It’s the largest accumulation gathering you’ve ever seen successful your life,” Seacrest, 48, explained. “It was connected Zoom this year, but it’s been successful the past successful a league country close present astatine ABC. It’s the astir intimidating, scary gathering I’m ever successful due to the fact that of the sheer size of the table.”

On Saturday morning, the nation’s New Year’s starring antheral brews 3 cups of his favourite marque of coffee, Pachamama.

“I slumber a small aboriginal than mean and person granola and past travel in,” helium said.

Seacrest said his imagination  co-host is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.Seacrest said his imagination co-host is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP

The ever dapper Emmy-winning TV and vigor big volition don a custom-made Brunello Cucinelli tux to observe the commencement of 2023.

“It’s the nicest happening I’ve ever had successful my life, and you’ll spot it twelvemonth aft year,” helium said.

Since determination is dependable evening rainfall successful the forecast, Koshy, 26, volition commencement the time with a acold ablution “because you ne'er cognize if aboriginal that time you’re going to acquisition a acold shower.”

Houston autochthonal  Koshy splurged connected  a caller   Moncler for the broadcast.Houston autochthonal Koshy splurged connected a caller Moncler for the broadcast.ABC via Getty Images

The Houston native, who roseate to fame connected YouTube and now has implicit 17 cardinal followers connected the platform, ditched her heels and bought a brace of rainfall boots for the occasion.

She volition besides beryllium bundled up successful a Moncler skis suit for her 2nd twelvemonth arsenic co-host.

“Never been skiing, but this is the closest I’ll get is Times Square,” she said.

This twelvemonth  marks the 50th day  of Americas yearly  New Years contented   that celebrates the years precise  champion  successful  music.This twelvemonth marks the 50th day of Americas yearly New Years contented that celebrates the year’s precise champion successful music.ABC via Getty Images

Her accessories see a skinny achromatic tie, which she said is inspired by Seacrest, who was connected her Pinterest committee this year.

Besides inclement weather, the brace is acceptable for immoderate mishaps that tin travel their way.

One year, Seacrest got stuck successful the elevator that leads to the ball, which sits atop a Walgreens connected Broadway.

Seacrest debuted arsenic  a the New Year's big   successful  2005.Seacrest debuted arsenic a New Year’s big successful 2005.Disney General Entertainment Con

“The elevator’s successful a drugstore. You locomotion into a concatenation drugstore and caput up to the apical of the building, and past you instrumentality stairs, respective staircases, up to the ball,” helium explained. “I didn’t recognize that. I thought we were buying a battalion of gum and each the abrupt we’re going up to the ball.”

“Rockin’ Eve” began successful 1971, and the precocious large Dick Clark started hosting successful 1972.

Clark passed the baton to Seacrest, who archetypal joined him successful the accumulation successful 2005 — and offered this advice:

“Go retired determination and marque everybody deliberation they could beryllium your buddy.”