Sage Steele ribs Jon Rahm over bloody golf ball incident

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Sage Steele had a small light-hearted disapproval for Jon Rahm connected Tuesday.

The “SportsCenter” anchor was drilled successful the look with Rahm’s errant tee shot connected the 3rd spread astatine the PGA Championship past May, knocking retired respective teeth and leaving her bloodied.

“As I was hiding down the tree, nary teeth near successful my mouth, I look up and I saw you,” Steele said with a grin arsenic she and the Spanish golfer “met” for the archetypal time. “And I’m like, the slightest helium tin bash — due to the fact that you didn’t cognize it deed maine — the slightest you tin bash is birdie this hole, for me, and you failed me. I deliberation you lone parred.”

Sage Steele and 'SportsCenter' co-host Matt Barrie spoke with Jon Rahm connected  Tuesday.Sage Steele and ‘SportsCenter’ co-host Matt Barrie spoke with Jon Rahm connected Tuesday.ESPN

Rahm expressed his admiration for Steele, who displayed her caller chompers passim the segment, and offered up a mea culpa for letting her down.

“Let maine say, you are pugnacious arsenic nails,” Rahm said. “Jesus Christ! I deed that 1 hard, excessively — that was coming successful with immoderate speed. No, I don’t deliberation I birdied it. I deliberation had a accidental to birdie it; Yeah, I decidedly failed you. I did not instrumentality vantage of the full week. I’m sorry, I truly failed you successful that sense.

“I can’t judge however bully you look aft that, my God. I honestly was oblivious, I didn’t recognize what hap until aft the circular — I tin besides accidental convey you for that. That decidedly would person affected maine for the remainder of the round.

“I didn’t perceive anything, not 1 complaint, nothing. And erstwhile they told maine what happened, I could not judge it. So, I’m sorry.”

sage steele interrogation  jon rahm connected  sportscenterSteele showed disconnected her grin during the segment, including her 8 caller teeth.ESPN

Steele, who returned to her “SportsCenter” duties 3 weeks aft surgery, said her beingness “flashed earlier [her] eyes” successful June. Her outlook, however, has remained arsenic agleam arsenic her caller pearly whites.

“I volition accidental this,” she added, “I person 8 beauteous caller teeth. I got a large grill retired of it, Jon, truthful I deliberation this is simply a win.”