Saints vs. Seahawks prediction: Give Geno, Seattle a shot

1 year ago 171

No reports retired of Seattle this week of Geno “Sucker Punch” Smith owing immoderate of his teammates immoderate money.

Good happening due to the fact that the Seahawks, astatine 2-4, volition request to beryllium connected the aforesaid leafage Monday night. Russell Wilson is out, but upwind and rainfall is successful the forecast and that should assistance dilatory down the Saints “O.” Expecting this to beryllium a adjacent 1 late. Play 10 units connected the Geno and the Seahags (+195).

World Series starts Tuesday. We person successfully killed disconnected the Red Sox and Dodgers. Reversing the Stitch pick? Your money-maker is connected the way.

We went 3-for-4 successful the NFL connected Sunday. Lost erstwhile the Giants declawed the Cats 25-3, proving the Panthers are besides not to beryllium taken earnestly this season.

The Patriots grounded the J-E-T-S 54-13. Bill Belichick is present a vocation 34-10 against his favourite punching bag.

The Titans upset the Chiefs 27-3 aft beating the Bills past week.

And the Falcons got by the Dolphins 30-28. Joe Judge was right. “The Fish stink.” Profitable day. Down -1,156 pisarciks.