Samantha Bracksieck: Meet New York Yankees Star Aaron Judge’s Wife

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As of Monday (Sept. 26), Aaron Judge remains connected the borderline of history. The New York Yankees slugger hopes to interruption Roger Maris’ American League grounds of 61 location runs successful a season, and helium astir came adjacent during Sunday’s crippled against the Boston Red Sox. After connecting with a Matt Barnes fastball, it looked similar the shot was headed retired of the park…but it landed close successful the mitt of centerfielder Enrique Hernandez. One of the galore fans who went done each the emotions – hope, excitement, disappointment – was Aaron’s wife, Samantha Bracksieck. She was astatine Yankees Stadium and watched arsenic Aaron flirted with history, per the New York Post.

Samantha has been astatine Aaron’s broadside passim this historical run. With a fistful of games near and Aaron sitting astatine 60 location runs, helium volition apt extremity the regular play holding the AL record. When helium does, Samantha volition beryllium the archetypal to observe his accomplishment, truthful here’s what you request to cognize astir the Yankee superstar’s sweetheart.

Aaron and Samantha (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

Who Is Aaron Judge’s Wife?

Samantha Bracksieck (reportedly calved successful 1993) is Aaron’s woman and longtime love. The mates has kept their romance retired of the spotlight, and small is known astir Samantha. She and Aaron are precocious schoolhouse sweethearts, according to the New York Post. The 2 started dating during their teen years successful Linden, California, earlier reuniting astatine Fresno State University. She graduated with undergrad and postgraduate degrees successful workout subject and is an aspiring assemblage professor.

The 2 reportedly divided earlier reuniting again successful 2019.

When Did Aaron Judge Marry Samantha Bracksieck?

Aaron and Samantha tied the knot connected Dec. 11, 2021, according to the New York Post. Photos amusement the mates kissing astatine the Montage Kapalua Bay resort. The wedding came aft what seemed to beryllium a abbreviated engagement period. Samantha sparked rumors that summertime erstwhile she was retired and astir with a diamond ringing connected that finger.

She’s Been Described As ‘Bright’ & ‘Down To Earth’

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Samantha has kept herself retired of the spotlight, for the astir part. However, successful 2020, she was pulled implicit successful Phoenix, Arizona, “because the headlights of her 2017 Honda HR-V were off, and she was traveling 10 mph implicit the velocity limit,” per the New York Post. She was reportedly arrested and charged with DUI. Later, the bodycam footage recorded during the incidental showed that she name-dropped her boyfriend, seemingly arsenic a mode to get retired of trouble.

This behaviour was unusual, according to those who knew her. “She’s precise bright,” Dr. Mark Baldis, Samantha’s erstwhile prof and adviser, told The Post. “She’s precise down-to-earth. There is nary pretense astir her astatine all. She is simply a truly large kid. Knowing Sam each these years, she is not 1 to driblet his name. She tin get nervous. Knowing Sam, she wasn’t trying to get retired of anything. I americium consenting to stake she’s conscionable devastated implicit it. She’s a truly humble kid.”