San Diego County Supervisors Approves Framework to Tackle Homelessness

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SAN DIEGO—The San Diego County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved connected Nov. 1 a semipermanent plan, called the Framework for Ending Homelessness, to tackle the increasing homelessness crisis.

According to the Health and Human Service Agency (HHSA), the model aims to supply a person-centered attack to guarantee “that services and programs are created successful culturally delicate ways to code the needs of susceptible populations,” and supply a sustainable attack to guarantee lodging stableness done a assortment of fiscal investments, among different goals.

Nick Macchione, manager of the HHSA, said the model “will let america to drive a new, focused approach.”

Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer said the model was agelong overdue.

“We can’t perchance tackle homelessness without a long-term strategy,” she said, adding caller statistic amusement that astir astir 40 percent of those successful region jails were stateless astatine the clip of arrest.

“This is an accidental to crook the country connected that egregious history of criminalizing poverty,” Lawson-Remer said. “It’s truly clip we got strategic and superior of putting our taxation dollars wherever they request to beryllium spent.”

Her workfellow Jim Desmond supported the program but stressed that unincorporated areas should not beryllium a dumping crushed for homeless people.

Desmond besides called for much effectual ways to present cause addiction treatment, including incentives for those wanting to recover.

“We’ve benignant of gone from 1 utmost of the warfare connected drugs, to another extreme with addicts surviving connected streets,” Desmond said. “We’ve got to find something successful between.”

He said if idiosyncratic is deed by a car, paramedics travel and immediately help that person. But if residents spot idiosyncratic screaming successful the bushes or defecating connected the street, they either disregard oregon judge it, “and I deliberation we’re better than that.”

A “housing first” argumentation allows radical to proceed their addictions, and shelters shouldn’t beryllium a revolving door, Desmond added.

Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher said helium was encouraged by the new framework, but reminded Desmond that successful September 2020 the erstwhile committee voted down a projected lodging task successful La Mesa.

The framework’s programs volition beryllium a existent test, Fletcher said. “We’re all bushed of buzzwords, but the rubber meets the roadworthy erstwhile you instrumentality a vote,” helium added.

Desmond countered that helium voted against the La Mesa task due to the fact that it was “crammed down our throats,” and that the committee learned a acquisition about working with a community.

While nary contiguous outgo figures were available, the region volition question authorities backing and proceed to usage funds from the U.S. American Rescue Plan Act for services specified arsenic lodging counseling, eviction prevention, and direct cash assistance.

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