San Diego County Unemployment Rate Decreases To 5.6 Percent

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SAN DIEGO—The unemployment complaint successful San Diego County decreased to 5.6 percent from a revised 6.6 percent successful August, good beneath the year-ago estimation of 9.6 percent, according to figures released Oct. 22 by the authorities Employment Development Department (EDD).

This compares with an unadjusted unemployment complaint of 6.4 percent for California—which decreased from 7.5 percent successful August—and 4.6 percent for the nation—down from August’s 5.3 percent—during the aforesaid period.

Between August and September, nonfarm employment accrued by 3,600, from 1,409,900 to 1,413,500, according to EDD figures. Agricultural employment remained unchanged.

Government led each manufacture sectors successful occupation gains for the 2nd consecutive month, with a summation of 9,500.

The bulk of those were successful section government—with 6,500 jobs gained, 4,900 of which were successful section authorities acquisition services.

Additionally, authorities authorities added 2,900 jobs successful September.

Other month-over-month gainers were nonrecreational and concern services, with 1,400 gained, and fiscal activities, with 300 jobs added.

The different services class mislaid 1,800 jobs implicit the month, followed by acquisition and wellness services with a nonaccomplishment of 1,500, and leisure and hospitality posting a uncommon nonaccomplishment of 1,500 jobs.

Manufacturing, operation and trade, proscription utilities posted declines of 1,100, 1,000 and 700 respectively.

Year implicit year, nonfarm employment accrued by 51,300 jobs, a summation of 3.8 percent.

The largest gainer was leisure and hospitality, with 24,400 jobs added to payrolls betwixt September 2020 and September 2021.

Of those, 19,700 were successful accommodation and nutrient services.

Professional and concern services added 9,200 jobs, arsenic did operation with 7,600 gained, different services with 4,400 gained, authorities up 3,200, acquisition and wellness services up 2,200, accusation up 1,200, and trade, transportation, and utilities with a summation of 600.

Employment successful mining and logging remained unchanged.

Only fiscal activities—a nonaccomplishment of 1,000 jobs—and manufacturing—500—posted year-over losses.

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