San Francisco Man Convicted of Murder for Beating Roommate During Zoom Call and Burning Her Alive

3 months ago 31

SAN FRANCISCO—A assemblage has convicted a San Francisco antheral of sidesplitting his 79-year-old roommate by beating her with a shot bat and lighting her connected fire. The onslaught was partially captured connected Zoom.

Min Jian Guan, 63, was recovered blameworthy of first-degree execution connected May 30 for the June 14, 2020, decease of Yu Quin Sun successful the Richmond District. He besides was convicted of elder abuse.

“The beating was partially captured connected Zoom and seen by a witnesser participating successful a virtual people with the victim” during the pandemic lockdown, said a connection Tuesday from the territory attorney’s office.

The witnesser reported seeing the pistillate being knocked down and hit, the connection said.

Guan past lit the pistillate connected occurrence portion she was inactive alive, prosecutors said.

Police were called and Guan was arrested successful an upstairs bedroom.

“The suspect targeted a susceptible 79-year-old with a run of maltreatment and harassment culminating successful her death,” Assistant District Attorney Leigh Frazier said successful the statement. “I americium pleased the assemblage has held him accountable for his actions.”

The connection didn’t notation a motive for the killing.

“This was a horrific and brutal killing,” District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said successful the statement. “While thing tin bring the unfortunate backmost to her family, I anticipation that this verdict brings them a consciousness of closure and justice.”

Guan is facing 25 years to beingness successful authorities situation erstwhile helium is sentenced successful June.