Santos Loses Appeal for Huge Northern Territory Gas Works

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Gas elephantine Santos has mislaid its bid to restart drilling astatine a multimillion-dollar state tract disconnected the Tiwi Islands, but the institution is assured the task tin enactment connected track.

The afloat Federal Court connected Friday dismissed Santos’s appeal, upholding an earlier determination that the offshore state regulator should not person approved drilling in the Barossa state field, 265 kilometres northwest of Darwin.

Tiwi Islander and Munupi antheral Dennis Tipakalippa successful June launched ineligible enactment against Santos, claiming helium was not consulted implicit the company’s biology plan.

Federal Court justice Mordecai Bromberg archetypal ruled successful Mr Tipakalippa’s favour successful September, uncovering the regulator should not person approved the biology plan.

He ordered the support to beryllium acceptable speech and drilling to beryllium stopped, but Santos appealed the determination past month.

Santos argued Justice Bromberg did not decently see what constituted a “relevant person” who needed to beryllium consulted.

The company’s barrister, Christopher Horan KC, said nether the regulations a applicable idiosyncratic was idiosyncratic whose “functions, interests oregon activities” could beryllium affected by the drilling work.

Mr Horan argued the Tiwi Islands’ accepted owners had a transportation to oversea state that was genuine. However, it did not represent the benignant of ineligible involvement required.

But Federal Court justices Susan Kenny, Debra Mortimer and Michael Lee rejected that proposition, saying the Tiwi Islanders’ interests were “immediate and direct”.

“We see it wide that Mr Tipakalippa and the Munupi clan had interests wrong the meaning of (the regulations) that required them to beryllium consulted,” the judges said.

“Within this regulatory framework, ‘interests’ see taste and spiritual interests of the benignant described successful the oversea state worldly successful the drilling situation program and attachments.”

Mr Tipakalippa said the court’s latest determination would enactment companies connected notice.

“We privation the full satellite to perceive our voice,” helium said successful a connection connected Friday.

“We privation the full satellite to spot our power. We person fought to support our oversea state from the opening to the end, and we volition ne'er halt fighting.”

The Federal Court rejected Santos’s assertion it would beryllium unworkable to place and consult with each accepted proprietor who held an involvement successful the project.

“These clans are identified by name,” the judges said.

“In modern Australia, determination are a myriad of ways of contacting groups of First Nations peoples.

“Granted, a consultation with First Nations groups whitethorn not beryllium arsenic elemental (or quick) arsenic sending an email with a bundle of information.”

In a statement, Santos said it would revise its situation program for the Barossa task and use for each remaining approvals pursuing the tribunal ruling.

“Santos does not expect immoderate worldly outgo oregon docket impact, and the archetypal state from the Barossa state task remains connected way to beryllium delivered successful the archetypal fractional of 2025,” it said.

The national authorities is besides considering the implications for Australia’s offshore situation and information regulatory regime.

“It is the government’s anticipation that manufacture makes genuine and robust efforts to consult First Nations peoples arsenic portion of the regulatory approvals process,” a spokesperson for Resources Minister Madeleine King said.

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association has called connected the authorities to betterment regulations astir consultation requirements.

“There is present the hazard of much delays and obstacles successful the progression of important vigor projects,” a spokesperson said.

“This is not an contented that affects 1 company.”

The $US3.6 cardinal ($A5.5 billion) offshore earthy state improvement was expected to make up to 600 jobs and tube state 280km to the Darwin LNG installation erstwhile accumulation began in 2025.

The institution has antecedently said the project, which was 43 percent implicit and connected docket earlier the September tribunal decision, is 1 of the world’s lowest-cost caller LNG proviso projects.



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