Sarah Jessica Parker Spotted With New ‘SATC’ Revival Love Interest That’s Not Mr. Big — Photos

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October 21, 2021 12:06PM EDT

Sarah Jessica Parker was filming her caller ‘SATC’ spinoff with a caller antheral that’s not Mr. Big & we don’t cognize however to consciousness astir it.

Sarah Jessica Parker, 56, shocked america each erstwhile she was filming her upcoming show, And Just Like That, a spinoff of her deed series, Sex and the City, successful New York City connected Oct. 21. Sarah was filming with a caller emotion interest, Jon Tenney, and not Big. Filming for the amusement has been connected a roll, and portion Sarah, who plays Carrie, was precocious filming with Big, played by Chris Noth, it seems arsenic though we tin expect a twist.

sarah jessica parkerSarah Jessica Parker was filming her caller show, ‘And Just Like That,’ erstwhile she was spotted with a caller emotion interest, Jon Tenney. (J Mayer/Shutterstock)

In 1 photograph from the set, Sarah is pictured wearing a tan floral people maxi dress with a pinkish blazer connected apical portion hunched implicit hysterically laughing. Jon appeared adjacent to her, besides laughing, portion wearing a brace of fitted acheronian lavation jeans and a navy bluish blazer.

sarah jessica parkerIn different photograph from the set, Sarah & Jon seemed to beryllium having a superior speech arsenic they some looked sad. (Jason Howard/Bauer-Griffin/Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, successful different photograph of the couple, they looked a spot solemn arsenic Sarah was dressed successful a high-waisted reddish patterned maxi skirt with a long-sleeve harvest apical and a floral braid. Jon appeared successful achromatic pants, a flannel button-down shirt, and a greenish jacket. They some looked to beryllium having a superior speech and they were some looking a spot sad.

Back successful August, Sarah posted a slideshow of photos from Carrie and Big’s apartment portion filming. The photos from the flat were captioned, “Backlot. Stage. Married domicile. They build. They shoot. They marque definite communicative is heard. They marque our day. X, SJ.” In the photos, you tin spot the circular bluish ottoman and circular woody foyer table, plus, the grey patterned wallpaper which fans retrieve from the movies.

While we were truthful excited to spot her and Big backmost together, it seems arsenic though we person a chaotic thrust successful store for america erstwhile the new series comes out.