Scientists in China find preserved fossil that may contain healthy dinosaur DNA

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Jurassic Park could go world aft experts unearthed a ­fossil that whitethorn incorporate dinosaur DNA.

Scientists judge it whitethorn person the archetypal prehistoric familial codification yet discovered.

If experts tin extract the information, it raises the imaginable of cloning a dinosaur — conscionable similar successful the 1993 movie.

The fossil, a portion of cartilage from the thigh of a peacock-sized caudipteryx, was perfectly preserved successful volcanic ash.

The beast roamed the Earth 125  cardinal years agone and resembled the film’s fearsome velociraptors.

It was discovered successful bluish China by a squad from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was successful “exquisite” condition.

The cells were mineralized by a process called silicification and experts person concluded immoderate were steadfast and others diseased astatine death, a survey said.

It adds that the fossilized cells cannot beryllium considered “rock” due to the fact that they incorporate remnants of integrated molecules.

Professor Alida Bailleul said: “We are evidently funny successful fossilized compartment nuclei due to the fact that this is wherever astir of the DNA volition be, if DNA was preserved.”

“We person bully and breathtaking preliminary data. We request to fig retired precisely what those integrated molecules are, but I anticipation we tin reconstruct a DNA sequence.

“I could beryllium wrong, but I could besides beryllium right.”