Scorpio celebrities: 20 famous people born under the water zodiac sign

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Something wicked this mode comes: Scorpio play hath arrived. Cue the fume machines and caput control.

In grant of the astir powerful and power-hungry subordinate of the zodiac, here’s a roundup of 20 Scorpio celebs. 


DrakeDrakeGetty Images

Don’t fto the casual grin and Canadian pedigree fool you, folks: this antheral emits heavy Scorpio vibes. Born Oct. 24, 1986, the lovesick singer Drake erstwhile advised, “Before you springiness up, deliberation of the crushed you held connected truthful long.”

Be it a relationship, a grudge oregon a gum wrapper that reminds them of idiosyncratic they love, h2o signs similar Scorpio person a hard clip letting go. 

Kris Jenner

Kris JennerKris JennerGetty Images

Kris Jenner, calved Nov. 5, 1955, exhibits the Scorpio endowment for acquiring and overseeing powerfulness done her relation arsenic the world’s astir celebrated momager. “Scorpio’s happiness is rooted successful their quality to consciousness powerful,” states “They are profoundly successful tune with their insatiable thrust for dominance. They privation to beryllium a captious organ successful the large throbbing bosom of the world.”

By managing the careers of her six children, Jenner has turned the household sanction into a billion-dollar brand.

Travis Barker

Travis BarkerTravis BarkerGetty Images

Born Nov. 14, 1975, Travis Barker has the people of a romantic, and the improvement of his relationship with new fiancée Kourtney Kardashian reveals the Scorpio attack to love. “Scorpios are soundless assassins. They don’t instantly marque their feelings known. Then, they springiness you a long, penetrating look. They volition privation to consciousness you out. They volition effort to trial your character,” reports “Once they’ve determined that you’re trustworthy, they’ll springiness you a 2nd look, this clip with somewhat dilated pupils.”

Case successful point: Barker and Kardashian were friends and neighbors for years earlier dating, giving Barker ample clip to observe and, eventually, ellipse and seduce the eldest Kardashian sister. 

Bethenny Frankel 

Bethenny FrankelBethenny Frankel Getty Images

“The Real Housewives of New York City” prima and hustler Bethenny Frankel, calved Nov. 4, 1970, studied psychology, the preeminent domain of Scorpio, astatine New York University. Her on-camera propensity for bluntness and clever curses is demonstrative of Scorpio’s hunt for truth.

“Whatever you feel, determination is simply a consciousness of strength and extremity underlining it. Truth for you bears the top value than thing else,” writes “You are precise delicate and person an intrinsic quality to spot done others. Your higher level of introspection allows you to bring distant the information and you bash not represent it successful a amended light, alternatively enactment it distant connected the array successful the rawest form, careless of however throbbing it mightiness be.”

Throbbing, searing and usually resulting successful the shedding of affluent woman tears, Frankel’s honesty is her hallmark. 


RuPaulRuPaulGetty Images

Born towards the extremity of Scorpio play connected Nov. 17, 1960, the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” big is simply a pioneer successful the creation of resistance and unparalleled erstwhile it comes to bringing the creation signifier to the masses.

“Passionate, autarkic and unafraid to blaze their ain way nary substance what others think, Scorpio signs marque a connection wherever they go,” writes RuPaul’s trailblazing tone is synonymous with Scorpio vigor that lives to propulsion boundaries and is ever-seeking self-actualization.

As Ru herself states: “The wide commentary connected what I’m doing is saying, ‘Hey look! I get to make immoderate persona I privation to, and it’s each up to me. And the information is, we are each fundamentally the universe—pretending to beryllium humans for a little infinitesimal of time.'”


CiaraCiaraGetty Images

Ciara, calved Oct. 25, 1985, is Scorpio sensuality made manifest. In presumption of the body, each astrological motion rules a antithetic portion and, unsurprisingly, Scorpio’s dominion is the genitals and reproductive organs. As reports, “Scorpio’s known arsenic the astir intersexual motion successful the zodiac. Along with an affectional connection, Scorpio needs to beryllium sexually compatible with their spouse successful bid to thrive successful the relationship. Their precocious enactment thrust volition necessitate a spouse who tin support up. As overmuch arsenic they’re each heart, they similar passionateness to romance, and they’re uninhibited and astatine their astir assured successful bed.”

Cue Ciara’s “Body Party,” where she sings, “Boy, you should cognize that your emotion is ever connected my mind/I’m not gonna combat it/I privation it each the time

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaugheyGetty Images

Green lights and a mid-career resurgence are the people of this Southern Scorpio, calved connected Nov. 4, 1969. As illustrates, Scorpios similar McConaughey are predisposed to resurrection: ”Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the satellite of translation and reinvention. This means you people person the tools to propulsion yourself retired of a rut.”

And erstwhile that rut looked similar a drawstring of abysmal romanticist comedies, McConaughey pulled himself retired with turns successful the critically acclaimed films “Lincoln Lawyer” and “Dallas Buyers Club,” arsenic good arsenic an iconic show arsenic Rust Cohle successful the HBO bid “True Detective.” So large was the man’s bounce-back that it inspired a pop-culture catchphrase, entered into the lexicon: McConaissance. Back and amended than ever is the modality of the ever-evolving, ne'er to beryllium discounted Scorpio spirit.  

Willow Smith 

Willow SmithWillow SmithGetty Images for Savage X Fenty

The progeny of Hollywood royalty, Willow Smith came into the satellite connected All Hallows Eve successful 2000. Halloween is simply a fitting introduction constituent for this mysterious musician, who seems preternaturally tapped into an alternate reality.

“You spot truthful galore beauteous things happening successful this world, and you spot truthful galore things that marque you privation to outcry and crawl nether a rock. But there’s an underlying feeling of magic and enigma successful everything that I unrecorded for,” she told Interview successful 2016. “I consciousness similar each of my creation is trying to get radical to spot that underlying, subtle vigor that lives wrong everything that we spot and what we don’t spot successful this world.”

According to, this subterranean consciousness is connected the chemoreceptor for Scorpios similar Smith: “Scorpios are often drawn to what galore radical considered to beryllium the unseen and the occult. They are funny successful spiritual matters whether it is accepted religions oregon much metaphysical content systems. There are immoderate Scorpios who person the psychic propensity to spot beyond the veil. They tin spot dimensions which are often hidden oregon closed to the little evolved person.”

Beyond the veil and wrong the hairsbreadth whip, Smith exudes clandestine charisma.

Lisa Bonet

Lisa BonetLisa BonetFilmMagic

Perennial Scorpio babe Lisa Bonet was talented to our satellite connected November 16, 1967. After uncovering aboriginal fame connected “The Cosby Show,” Bonet took a melodramatic measurement backmost from the manufacture to absorption connected being a parent. “I deliberation determination are astir apt times erstwhile these thresholds tin either descend you, oregon you tin spot who you are and emergence and particulate yourself off,” she told Net-A-Porter successful 2018

Rising from the primordial sinkhole successful work of their ain idiosyncratic maturation is simply a Scorpio specialty.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon RamsayGordon RamsayFOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Never 1 to shy distant from hard truths oregon nonstop confrontation, Gordon Ramsay, calved November 8, 1966 exhibits the nonstop and often disparaging quality of Scorpio.“So galore different signs walk invaluable clip and vigor beating astir the bush, desperately trying to find an attack that makes the fewest waves erstwhile it comes to confronting a conflict. Not Scorpio,”  reports “Blessed with a heavy consciousness of self, Scorpio is ever capable to accidental precisely what’s connected their mind, adjacent if it’s not what radical privation to hear.”

Not large connected apologies, Ramsay staunchly defends his attack to communication, revealing the punishing, perfectionist streak that beats successful the bosom of each Scorpios. “When I get angry, I’m conscionable being honest, and I don’t deliberation it’s ever going to beryllium immoderate different,” he erstwhile said. “I, similar immoderate bully chef, privation everything to beryllium perfect.”

Margaret Atwood

Margaret AtwoodMargaret AtwoodGetty Images

A Scorpio’s favourite misdeed is wrath and ne'er has it been much evident than successful the written and spoken words of writer and novelist Margaret Atwood, calved Nov. 18, 1939. Atwood, writer of the acclaimed publication (and consequent Hulu series) “The Handmaid’s Tale,” channeled that wrath done her protagonist Elaine successful her 1988 caller “Cat’s Eye,” writing, “It disturbs maine to larn I person wounded idiosyncratic unintentionally. I privation each my hurts to beryllium intentional.”

This Scorpio came to sting — and she wants you to cognize who to blasted for the swelling. 

Stanley Tucci 

Stanley TucciStanley TucciGetty Images

Italian American histrion Stanley Tucci was calved Nov. 11, 1960. The thespian and avowed epicurean was derailed but not destroyed by the nonaccomplishment of his consciousness of sensation pursuing crab treatment. Unable to bask food, Tucci took to training/torturing himself by watching cooking shows. “This was an enactment of axenic masochism, arsenic adjacent conscionable the thought of nutrient disgusted me,” helium wrote successful his caller memoir, “Taste: My Life Through Food.” “In hindsight, I accidental it was a mode to cling to what I loved oregon retrieve what I’d erstwhile had due to the fact that I was truthful hopeless to person it again. I was determined to marque myself heal faster.”

This hell-bent attack is endemic of the Scorpio spirit, arsenic reports, “Scorpios are the masters of their fate. They cognize lone 1 mode to live: connected their ain terms. They bash not unrecorded beingness but onslaught it. When beingness hands them a loss, they bash not discarded clip sulking, but alternatively proceed connected their path, definite they volition yet succeed.”

Tucci transmitted that symptom into prose, regaining his senses and publishing the relationship of his losses successful his memoir.

Jamie Lee Curtis 

Jamie Lee CurtisJamie Lee CurtisWireImage

Scorpio histrion Jamie Lee Curtis, calved Nov. 22, 1958, made her movie debut successful John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” playing traumatized, tenacious shriek queen Laurie Strode. Ruled by Pluto, the satellite of death, and drawn to the acheronian substance of life, fearfulness is simply a fitting genre for this Scorpio. It is nary coincidence that Halloween, Dios de los Muertos and Sahmain autumn successful the play of the scorpion oregon that 1 of their ain would prima arsenic a beacon for survival. As reports, “This zodiac motion loves seeing radical spell aft what they privation and prevention themselves.”

Colin Kaepernick 

Colin KaepernickColin KaepernickFilmMagic

Born connected Nov. 3, 1987, jock and activistic Colin Kaepernick embodies the fearless, warring spirit of the eighth motion of the zodiac. As reports, “Once Scorpio becomes progressive successful something, it’s arsenic if they clamp connected with robust jaws. These signs person tremendous staying power, ne'er giving up the fight. Absolutely thing seems to intimidate Scorp, making confrontations a cinch. Scorpio’s bravery and willingness to look a combat poise this motion arsenic fantabulous leaders charged with restoring bid successful chaotic circumstances.” 

Frank Ocean 

Frank OceanFrank OceanWireImage

Singer, songwriter and Scorpio Frank Ocean was calved Oct. 28, 1987. Be it philharmonic stylings oregon sexuality, Ocean refuses to beryllium characterized oregon contained by labels, “I’ll respectfully accidental that beingness is dynamic and comes on with dynamic experiences, and the aforesaid sentiment that I person towards genres of music, I person towards a batch of labels and boxes and s–t,” helium told GQ successful 2012. Seeing beingness arsenic a dynamic acceptable of experiences and himself arsenic an influx, beyond explanation subordinate successful it, is pure, Scorpio actualization. 

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour Anna Wintour AFP via Getty Images

Fashion zeitgeist and chap Scorpio Anna Wintour was calved Nov. 3, 1949. The Scorpio request for secrecy and deflection is made manifest successful Wintour’s prime of eyewear; she is seldom seen without acheronian glasses, keeping up the unknowable vibe adjacent erstwhile greeting the Queen Mother during manner week. 



Rapper and apex Scorpio Future was calved Nov. 20, 1983. Future named his debut medium “Pluto,” a notation to the ruling satellite of Scorpio. His attack to beingness and euphony is successful beardown alignment with his zodiac sign, the domain of the unseen and different people’s money. Future got his commencement ghostwriting for different artists, including Ciara and Ludacris. As reports, “Scorpio overmuch prefers to beryllium down the scenes and is blessed to deliberation large representation erstwhile it comes to a client’s career, particularly since they cognize that they’re the ones who are truly pulling each the strings and holding each the power.”

Kendall Jenner

Kendall JennerKendall JennerPatrick McMullan via Getty Image

The astir reserved of the Kardashian/Kenner clan, darkhorse Kendall was calved connected Nov. 3, 1995. As writes, “Personalities of those calved nether the constellation Scorpius are synonymous with sheer willpower, possessing a magnetism and beguiling allure fewer tin resist. These uncommon gifts springiness this unsocial motion the uncanny quality to waltz onto anyone’s signifier and effortlessly bargain the amusement — but lone if the ngo benefits Scorpio’s insatiable ambition.”

Jenner’s aloof allure makes her the astir mysterious — and frankincense astir captivating — subordinate of her celebrated family. 

Adam Driver 

Adam DriverAdam DriverWireImage

Born Nov. 19, 1983, Scorpio Adam Driver proves conscionable however galore lives members of this zodiac motion tin unrecorded wrong the span of a azygous lifetime. Prior to becoming an actor, Driver served his state arsenic a United States Marine, crediting the acquisition with giving him the courageousness and affectional breadth to prosecute acting. Recognizing the deficiency of arts entree wrong the subject helium established a nonprofit enactment called Art In The Armed Forces, that funds escaped arts programming to work members. As writes this enactment is perfectly successful enactment with Scorpio’s highest trajectory, “Emotionally sophisticated, private, and raw, these radical bash not skim the aboveground successful life. They spell acold beneath the exterior seeking the truth. Scorpio rules regeneration, which makes them fantabulous healers arsenic they tin spot what’s truly down the veil, and past find the close antidote for the cure.” 

Pete Davidson 

Pete DavidsonPete DavidsonNBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Scorpio comedian and “Saturday Night Live” formed subordinate Pete Davidson, calved November 16, 1993, lives his beingness connected the knife-edge of aggravated emotion and transformative experiences. According to, Scorpios similar Pete, “Are not funny successful thing that doesn’t impact the hazard of being wholly destroyed. They’re similar affectional daredevils. They privation to person arsenic overmuch of the melodramatic acquisition arsenic imaginable due to the fact that the lack of strife is simply a benignant of subtle death.” Davidson has recovered root worldly and levity successful the slightest apt of places; his father’s tragic decease connected 9/11 and the dissolution of his famously failed relationships. As Davidson admitted to Interview successful 2015, “Things that I consciousness truly bittersweet about, I speech about. That way, if it’s funny, it doesn’t wounded anymore.”

Turning symptom into punchlines and grief into gold, Davidson is emblematic of Scorpio resilience.