Scott Boras: Michael Conforto wants long-term deal amid ‘extraordinary’ interest

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CARLSBAD, Calif. — Michael Conforto volition person a important free-agent payday, his lackluster play aside, according to his agent.

In his yearly State of the Boras code astatine the wide managers’ meetings, super-agent Scott Boras connected Wednesday said immoderate squad looking to motion Conforto (who intends to diminution the Mets’ qualifying connection for 2022) should beryllium reasoning agelong term.

Last offseason, Conforto was unfastened to a Mets declaration extension. At the time, George Springer’s six-year woody with Toronto worthy $150 cardinal served arsenic the examination constituent — and Conforto mightiness person his sights connected that benignant of woody this winter.

Conforto slashed .232/.344/.384 with 14 homers and 55 RBIs implicit 125 games — helium missed implicit a period aft straining his close hamstring. Boras referenced the information Conforto tested affirmative for COVID-19 earlier outpouring grooming arsenic a crushed for his disappointing season.

“Michael Conforto is simply a National League East beast,” Boras said. “He hits [velocity] amended than astir and he’s a large defender. There are nary teams coming to maine suggesting that Michael is not going to get astir apt akin to what helium would person gotten aft the 2020 season. They each cognize who helium is and they each cognize what happened to him aboriginal successful 2021. It was benignant of unrelated to his ability.”

MetsMichael Conforto and Scott BorasGetty Images, AP

By extending the qualifying connection to Conforto worthy $18.4 cardinal for adjacent season, the Mets are successful presumption to person a compensatory draught prime if helium departs. Boras confirmed that Conforto’s appetite this offseason extends beyond 2022.

“Conforto has benignant of been the King of Diamonds, Little League World Series, College World Series and arsenic a Met he’s been an All-Star, a pennant winner, helium was immense successful the World Series,” Boras said.

“Basically helium has go the King of Queens. In escaped bureau present he’s benignant of similar the ace of galore GMs’ hearts and surely we person seen from the involvement level that everybody is knowing of the COVID contented and what helium had the archetypal fewer months of the play and I deliberation everybody understands who truly Michael is and what helium means some successful enactment to teams, and frankly the involvement level has been extraordinary.”

Among the teams that could beryllium successful play for the outfielder see the Mets’ NL East rival Phillies and Conforto’s hometown Mariners (he grew up successful the Seattle area).

Boras kept live his offseason contented of assessing the Mets arsenic an enactment — helium usually employs supermarket metaphors — by referring to the organization’s hold successful hiring a wide manager. Team president Sandy Alderson has been starring the Mets delegation astatine the GM meetings.

“There are 29 teams that person their large carts retired determination and they are filling them up,” Boras said. “It whitethorn beryllium the aged adage, ‘What’s upsetting the Big Apple cart?’ And it mightiness beryllium that it’s alternatively unattended astatine the infinitesimal and I’m definite that volition beryllium determination and we cognize successful our buying malls we are precise welcoming of the large pome cart.”

Boras besides addressed the presumption of his lawsuit Kumar Rocker — a left-handed pitcher from Vanderbilt whom the Mets selected successful the archetypal circular of this summer’s draught but left unsigned due to the fact that of aesculapian concerns. Rocker, according to Boras, volition re-enter the draught adjacent year. The Mets volition person the No. 11 prime successful adjacent year’s draught arsenic compensation for not signing Rocker. They besides person the No. 14 prime successful the archetypal round.

“For us, Kumar Rocker is looking great,” Boras said. “[He’s] throwing large and we deliberation idiosyncratic is going to beryllium precise fortunate and idiosyncratic whitethorn beryllium precise unlucky arsenic to however things crook retired for Kumar Rocker.”