Scott Morrison unveils $500m in international climate finance on first day of Cop26

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The Morrison authorities has unveiled an further $500m for planetary clime concern connected the archetypal time of the Cop26 acme successful Glasgow.

But Australia’s premier curate says the backing volition beryllium directed to projects successful the Indo-Pacific alternatively than distributed done the greenish clime fund.

After visiting a Glasgow shipyard aboriginal connected Monday to instrumentality occurrence successful an escalating diplomatic row with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, Scott Morrison joined the Cop26 and met Pacific leaders connected the opening time of the summit.

The premier curate of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama, characterised Australia’s caller commitment to nett zero emissions by 2050 arsenic “a start”.

But helium said helium wanted a factual program for Australia “to halve emissions by 2030”. The Fijian premier curate presented Morrison with a transcript of his country’s Climate Change Act “as a guide”.

Australia's pledge is simply a start. I've present urged @ScottMorrisonMP to amusement america a factual program to halve emissions by 2030.

I've fixed him a transcript of Fiji's Climate Change Act arsenic a usher –– it is our uniquely Fijian mode of pursuing the subject to support religion with aboriginal generations.

— Frank Bainimarama (@FijiPM) November 1, 2021

Before the Cop26 clime summit, Pacific leaders warned Morrison they look existential peril due to the fact that of planetary heating, which contributes to rising oversea levels, exposing land nations to the hazard of inundation.

In the lead-up to Glasgow, Pacific countries lobbied Morrison to boost Australia’s 2030 emissions simplification target.

Morrison acknowledged connected Monday determination was “no greater menace to our Pacific household than clime change”. But helium said Australia would prosecute planetary financing to combat the clime situation connected its ain terms.

“We are not putting this [funding] done different worldwide institutions, different groups similar this,” Morrison told reporters successful Glasgow.

“We are doing this direct. We privation to marque definite that the clime concern investments that Australians are making are invested successful our backmost yard, among our Pacific Island household and among our south-east Asian partners and friends.

“We privation to chopped retired each the reddish portion and get escaped of each the bureaucracy and marque definite that this backing is going to enactment straight wrong the region, making a large quality for their resilience and their mitigation to guarantee they tin deal, not conscionable with trying to trim their ain emissions, but much significantly, being capable to woody with the consequences of clime alteration which they are already experiencing successful their galore Pacific Island nations.”

The greenish clime money was acceptable up done the UN’s clime normal to assistance processing countries accommodate to the impacts of clime alteration and chopped their ain greenhouse state emissions.

But Morrison pulled Australia retired of the money successful 2018 during an interrogation with the vigor broadcaster Alan Jones. Subsequently, Australia has funded projects successful the Pacific region, and the premier curate pledged a further $500m connected Monday.

Morrison said the wealth would beryllium directed to Pacific and south-east Asian countries to heighten clime resilience for aboriginal infrastructure investments, including roads, schools and bridges. On the sidelines of the conference, Australia besides signed an statement with Fiji to make a c market.

Fiji has go the archetypal state to articulation the Morrison government’s projected Indo-Pacific c offsets scheme.

Under the Morrison government’s roadmap to execute nett zero emissions, astir fractional the abatement to beryllium undertaken betwixt present and 2050 volition beryllium delivered by “global exertion trends”, “further exertion breakthroughs” and done planetary and home offsets.

Australia’s vigor and emissions simplification minister, Angus Taylor, said Australia’s committedness to execute nett zero progressive purchasing abatement done offsets. “We are putting successful spot the gathering blocks to alteration that to occur,” Taylor said.

He said the Indo-Pacific offset strategy would “help Australia’s backstage assemblage conscionable its emissions simplification targets by enabling concern successful credible projects successful the portion that show precocious biology integrity”.