Scott Morrison unveils Australia 2050 net zero emissions plan with no detail and no modelling

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The premier minister, Scott Morrison, has released the government’s program to scope nett zero emissions by 2050 and updated Australia’s 2030 projection to betwixt 30% and 35% arsenic helium prepares to alert to Glasgow for a United Nations clime summit.

Morrison connected Tuesday hailed the program arsenic a “practical way” to neutralise Australia’s emissions by 2050 but the program showed astir a 3rd of the abatement task is comprised of cuts via unspecified “technology breakthroughs” and “global trends” portion a further 20% volition beryllium achieved done unexplained offsets.

The authorities has refused to merchandise modelling underpinning the program and is keeping details of the bundle – promised to unafraid Nationals enactment for the mid-century people – secret.

The program – which Morrison promoted arsenic “the Australian way” – is underpinned by an updated technology roadmap that prioritises concern successful cleanable hydrogen, vigor storage, debased emissions alloy and aluminium and c seizure and storage. It besides adds ultra-low outgo star arsenic a caller priority. The wide concern totals $20bn, the authorities said.

Morrison said the “technology not taxes” program was based connected existing authorities programs and would not necessitate legislation.

The absorption of the program was connected bringing down the comparative outgo of debased emissions technologies which would effect successful an “accelerating deployment astatine standard crossed the economy”.

“Our program works with Australians to execute this goal. Our program enables them, it doesn’t legislate, it doesn’t mandate, it doesn’t unit them. It respects them and understands that Australians privation to bash this … they privation to support their industries,” the premier curate said. The argumentation was based connected “choices not mandates”, helium said.

Morrison conceded that astatine slightest 15% of the abatement task was based connected “technology breakthroughs” successful the future, saying this had been the acquisition of the modern satellite and nary 1 could foretell advances implicit the adjacent 30 years.

“The complaint of technological beforehand is simply a given, it is really a fixed successful the modern world,” Morrison said. “To not deliberation that is going to play a relation implicit the adjacent 30 years, that would beryllium the much astonishing assumption.”

The vigor and emissions simplification minister, Angus Taylor, said the 15% attributed to “established planetary exertion trends” included exertion specified arsenic debased emissions cement and provender supplements that were successful the “early days” of development.

“This is not technologies we don’t needfully cognize about. It whitethorn good beryllium technologies that we cognize rather a batch about, but person not yet gotten to the constituent wherever we tin marque precedence technologies,” Taylor said.

Morrison said the further 15% earmarked arsenic coming from aboriginal “breakthroughs” would travel from the “evolution and the momentum” of earlier exertion developments.

“That is what has happened clip immemorial. That is astir apt 1 of the safest assumptions you tin make, that the accelerated escalation of exertion volition proceed to thrust these costs down.”

But Labor blasted the connection arsenic a “scam” that lacked substance and criticised the authorities for its determination not to merchandise details of the woody struck with the Nationals.

The absorption leader, Anthony Albanese, said Morrison has outlined the “vibe” of a clime argumentation which had nary caller commitments.

“We haven’t seen the modelling, and we haven’t had the detail. Because determination is nett zero modelling, nett zero authorities and nett zero unity,” Albanese said.

“But successful their ain words, determination is thing caller successful this plan. The connection program doesn’t represent a program nary substance however often helium said and what signifier it’s printed. As always, with this premier minister, it is each astir marketing. All astir the spend, ne'er astir the substance.”

The shadiness clime alteration minister, Chris Bowen, said the lone caller constituent of the clime argumentation was “a wage emergence for Keith Pitt” – successful notation to the other furniture presumption secured by the Nationals.

“They’ve introduced an emissions trading promotions policy. That’s each we’ve got.”

Morrison said the statement with the Nationals had resulted successful the inclusion of a five-yearly reappraisal of the nett zero people that would beryllium undertaken by the Productivity Commission and a pledge to put successful the regions and to chopped reddish tape.

He said immoderate different spending commitments made arsenic portion of the woody would beryllium unveiled successful the lead-up to the adjacent election.

“All of our policies volition beryllium announced earlier the election, successful particular, determination volition beryllium a fund adjacent year,” Morrison said. “All of our policies, our investments successful the regions, our further investments crossed a full scope of areas – they volition beryllium outlined arsenic they person been outlined implicit these galore years.”