‘Scrubs’ Producer Eric Weinberg Charged With Rape, Assault

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Eric Weinberg, champion known for being the co-producer and writer for the deed TV amusement “Scrubs,” was arrested and charged with 18 felony counts for having sexually assaulted 5 women, the Los Angeles County District Attorney announced connected Wednesday.

According to a connection from LA region District Attorney George Gascón’s office, the 62-year-old Weinberg is charged with “six counts of intersexual penetration by usage of force, 4 counts of oral copulation, 3 counts of forcible rape, 2 counts of intersexual artillery by restraint and 1 number each of battle by means of unit apt to origin large bodily injury, attempted intersexual penetration by usage of unit and mendacious imprisonment by violence.”

LA region prosecutors alleged that astatine antithetic times betwixt 2014 and 2019, the TV shaper lured each of the 5 women to photograph shoots and sexually assaulted them.

Specifically, helium allegedly approached 2 women on 2 abstracted occasions successful 2014. After telling them helium was a photographer, each of the women came backmost to his location wherever helium allegedly sexually assaulted them. In 2017, Weinberg allegedly besides targeted different pistillate successful the aforesaid mode earlier assaulting her astatine his house. Weinberg committed 2 much abstracted intersexual assaults against 2 different women successful 2018 and 2019, according to the LA region DA’s office.

Gascón said that investigators deliberation determination could beryllium galore much victims of assaults of Weinberg that day backmost to the 1990s, and urged them to travel forward.

“The suspect relied connected his Hollywood credentials to lure young women for photograph shoots wherever helium allegedly sexually assaulted them,” Gascón said successful a statement. “Power and power tin corrupt immoderate to wounded others, that often leads to a beingness of trauma for those who are victimized.

“My office’s Bureau of Victim Services is present to assistance successful the healing process to guarantee each victims person the guidance and enactment they request connected the roadworthy to recovery.”

Dozens More Allegations: DA’s Office

At a quality league connected Wednesday, Gascón said that Weinberg was antecedently investigated respective times by police, but the DA’s bureau didn’t record charges for deficiency of evidence.

Dozens much imaginable victims person alerted instrumentality enforcement of alleged assaults by Weinberg since his archetypal apprehension successful July, Gascón’s bureau noted successful a statement.

LAPD Detective Ryan Lamar said investigators were looking into accusation received from a extremity enactment regarding imaginable different assaults by Weinberg.

Per The Associated Press, an email to an cause for Weinberg seeking remark wasn’t instantly returned.

In 2020, documents filed successful Weinberg’s divorcement and kid custody proceedings included allegations by 3 women that helium sexually assaulted them during photograph shoots, the Los Angeles Times reported.

One pistillate alleged that she met Weinberg astatine a North Hollywood java store successful 2014 erstwhile she was 22, and helium convinced her to travel to a photograph sprout astatine his location wherever she stripped to her underwear. The pistillate alleged that portion taking photos, Weinberg grabbed her, forced to execute oral sex, choked her, and past raped her, according to documents cited by the LA Times.

Besides “Scrubs,” Weinberg has besides had producing and penning credits connected different shows, including “Anger Management,” “Men astatine Work,” “Veronica’s Closet” and “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.” He was besides a co-producer of “Californication.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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