Search ends for Moors murder victim Keith Bennett after no remains found

3 months ago 19

Police person ended a hunt for the Moors execution unfortunate Keith Bennett without uncovering immoderate motion of quality remains.

Forensics officers undertook a week-long hunt for the boy’s remains aft receiving accusation from an amateur investigator.

Russell Edwards, an author, said helium was “convinced” helium had recovered bones belonging to 12-year-old Bennett, who went missing successful Manchester successful 1964, but constabulary ended their hunt connected Friday.

Greater Manchester constabulary (GMP) said it had closed the country connected Saddleworth Moor having concluded that determination was “currently nary grounds to bespeak the beingness of quality remains”.

Bennett was 1 of 5 youngsters killed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley successful the 1960s and helium remains their lone unfortunate whose assemblage has ne'er been found.

Bennett went missing portion connected his mode to spot his grandma successful Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester, connected 16 June 1964.

The quality volition travel arsenic a bitter stroke to Bennett’s fuss and closest surviving relative, Alan Bennett.

He wrote connected Facebook this week that it was not the archetypal clip idiosyncratic had contacted the property with a imaginable uncovering earlier contacting the police, and causing “pain, anguish and distress” that “runs close done each Keith’s siblings and past filters down done the adjacent generations”.

He added: “I person had to explicate things to my ain grandchildren successful much item precocious and the older they get the much questions they have. I americium struggling to explicate what makes definite radical tick and behave the mode they do, this latest illustration being 1 of the astir hard to adjacent effort to explain.”

The latest hunt began erstwhile Edwards, having fixed an extended interrogation to MailOnline, telephoned GMP to accidental helium had grounds to suggest that quality remains were buried adjacent to wherever the bodies of 3 different Moors execution victims had been found.

This worldly included ungraded samples taken by Edwards which, according to the geologist Lesley Dunlop, suggested that a quality assemblage had been buried there. Edwards said helium had recovered immoderate bluish and achromatic worldly astatine the tract and took a representation of an point that, according to the forensic archaeologist Dawn Keen, looked similar portion of a quality skull.

Cheryl Hughes, the detective starring the search, said connected Friday that the worldly has been examined and “hasn’t yet indicated the beingness of quality remains,” though much investigation was required.

Hughes said the photograph appeared to amusement an point “considerably smaller than a juvenile jaw and it cannot beryllium ruled retired that it is plant-based”.

GMP stressed that the probe into Bennett’s disappearance and execution has remained unfastened since 1964 and that it would not beryllium closed until his household person answers.

Assistant main constable Sarah Jackson said: “We person ever said that we would respond, successful a timely and due manner, to immoderate credible accusation which whitethorn pb america towards uncovering Keith.

“Our actions successful the past week oregon truthful are a highly disposable illustration of what that effect looks like, with the unit utilising the cognition and skills of accredited experts, specializer officers and staff.

“It is these accredited experts and specialists who person brought america to a presumption from wherever we tin accidental that, contempt a thorough hunt of the country and ongoing investigation of samples taken some by ourselves and a 3rd party, determination is presently nary grounds of the beingness of quality remains at, oregon surrounding, the identified tract connected Saddleworth Moor. However, I privation to marque it wide that our probe to find answers for Keith’s household is not over.”