Second Australian Man Dies in Queensland Floods

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An eight-year-old miss has spent the nighttime clinging to a histrion with her measurement mum aft raging floodwaters successful southeast Queensland claimed the beingness of her father.

The assemblage of the girl’s 52-year-old dad—identified arsenic Steve Bottcher of Bauple—was connected Tuesday recovered astatine a spot adjacent Tiaro southbound of Gympie.

He is the 2nd confirmed decease from floods caused by remnants of Cyclone Seth dumping torrential rainfall connected the region.

Police said it was “remarkable” the miss and 43-year-old pistillate were capable to past aft their tiny vessel overturned connected Monday night.

Superintendent Michael Sawrey said the 3 household members got successful a tinnie astatine astir 6 p.m. connected Monday to cheque connected their spot earlier calamity struck.

He said the begetter has swept distant erstwhile the vessel capsized but the girl and measurement mum were capable to drawback a tree.

“Given the ferocity of the h2o it is singular for them to cling connected someway for each that time,” helium said.

The brace were located and taken to infirmary suffering hypothermia erstwhile witnesses heard their screams and exigency services were called retired to the spot astir 12 hours aft the vessel had overturned, astatine astir 5.30 a.m.

The man’s assemblage was aboriginal recovered astir 300m from wherever the vessel had capsized.

Bottcher’s household paid tribute to the 52-year-old connected societal media.

“Message from the Bottcher household … Jenny, Christine, Bradley and myself person mislaid our beauteous member Steve Bottcher … successful the Mary River, Tiaro past night. RIP Steve we emotion you with each our bosom – Leanne Robertson”, a station connected Facebook radical Beautiful Bauple said.

Superintendent Sawrey hailed the “magnificent job” done by exigency services but said the household had nary concern being successful the water.

“Unfortunately we’ve had a fig of tragedies done this and we conscionable plead to people: enactment distant from floodwaters,” helium said.

The assemblage of a 22-year-old was recovered successful a submerged ute connected Saturday, portion constabulary clasp “grave fears” for a 14-year-old miss who has been missing for 3 days.

Krystal Cain was past seen by her begetter aft they abandoned their flooded car adjacent the Burnett Highway astatine Booubyjan connected Saturday morning.

Emergency services and volunteers person been searching connected boats, way bikes, 4WD vehicles and adjacent connected horseback for the teenager.

“We person sedate fears, but we inactive clasp anticipation of uncovering this young lady,” Sawrey said.

Meanwhile, fiscal assistance is present disposable for residents affected by flooding successful 13 areas successful the Fraser Coast and Gympie regions, including Maryborough which was visited by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk connected Tuesday.

Up to $180 per idiosyncratic and a maximum of $900 for a household of 5 oregon much volition beryllium disposable done authorities and national funding.

Low-interest loans of up $250,000 volition besides beryllium disposable for superior producers and tiny businesses impacted by the floods.

National Recovery and Resilience Agency’s Shane Stone volition get successful Maryborough connected Wednesday.

Palaszczuk said connected Tuesday erstwhile Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey had been appointed to pb the area’s recovery.

She said 30 homes and 50 businesses person been damaged by floodwaters successful Maryborough unsocial aft astir 650mm of rainfall fell successful little than 24 hours.

A breached valve successful the stormwater drain strategy allowed floodwater to surge done erstwhile the Mary River peaked conscionable abbreviated of 10m connected Monday night.

Police revoked an exigency declaration for Maryborough connected Tuesday, but roads stay closed.



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